Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wouldn't you know it?

Our lovely apparently-one-off plush woolly rug was "damaged in the vendors warehouse" according to an email I received from Grays Online last night. Sigh...............  I really liked that one and can't seem to find another one quite like it for the price. I guess the search continues - maybe I'll find something even nicer?  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

On to better news, our rangehood is in and looks suitably spiffy...

Not bad for the standard inclusion!

And it seems our power has been hooked up or is ready to go

Our tiling didn't start this week as we were told but I guess the delivery of sand & cement is a good sign

Here's Dad's Bedroom taking shape

And here's our mudroom taking shape

Lastly, kudos to our SS who runs a tight ship!  After each trade has been in, the site is cleaned!

Do you like our temporary doors?

* This post is dedicated to plush-woolly-goodness-no-more *sniff*


Thigee said...

Wow, Karla. It really looks so close to being finished now. You're right EB's standard inclusions are pretty good.
My site will need a good clean after this bricking is done, it's a total mess at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Looking good! I was thinking about you on he way home last night as we wre thinking of the same deign, with our own changes. All on the back burner now. Your is all coming together. I cant wait to see your finished product.

Pink Butterfly ;)

Shayne said...

Oh no! Shame about your gorgeous plush wooly rug :( I hope you find something even better!!

I LOVE that your site is cleaned after each trade - Metricon could learn something from that ;)

Lovely windows in your Dads room. Its all coming together nicely now!!

Karla said...

Hey PB! Well if you do go down this track again, we'll have loads of info for you :)

Thigee, ours was so messy after the bricks too. I've been pleasantly surprised that it's been cleaned as they go. Can't wait to see your bricks all cleaned :)

Sarah said...

Getting very close, and looking good!


What a bummer about your rug! The kitchen it looking fab though...

Ps: I have a super sweet giveaway that I think you'll love. If you have a moment, stop by:

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