Monday, May 16, 2011

Watt the?!

How hideous is the cost of electricity bills these days?!  Even when you turn off all the lights and think you've been sensible with your usage, the bills often still knock you sideways when you open them!  Well they do us anyway!

I noticed there's a few products in the market that hook up to your meter box and guage in real time how much power you're consuming on the monitor you put inside your home.

I like the Energy Monitor below because it not only tells you how many watts you're using but in $$$ terms as well.  Costs $140.
The Cent-A-Meter below costs a little more at $200and it too measures your electricity usage in watts and $$$.  I also notice you can pre-set your usage and an alarm sounds if you go over it and it has a greenhouse gas conversion factor too if that floats your boat...

I actually saw this little unit at an Electrician friend of mine's house - perhaps that's suggesting it's one of the better ones to go with?

Then there's remote control power boards which you can turn individual appliances off using the remote.  Particularly handy for the I-can't-be-arsed-contorting-my-body-behind-the-furniture power points!  $70 for this little number.

What power saving devices do you use or have you found useful?  I'm sure there's loads more out there.


Steph said...

When one of our bills come in at some astronomical amount we got this one
It was really interesting to see what used a lot of the power.

Karla said...

Thanks for sharing Steph! Good price too.

Jazz and Brett said...

If your in QLD you can get the Climate Smart Service done for $50 - we got a metre that monitors from the power box.

Our house sits at 8cents per hour which isn't too bad - but when you have a few things on and look at the reading (and the cents going up) you soon learn to turn things off.

At our last place (not a green house) we spent $600+ per quarter. This months bill came in at $449 (a bit of air con on in the summer and our Plantation home is a 5 star house which might have helped).

I'm thinking about getting solar - what a nightmare that is to figure out!

Chuq said...

We have one of the Current Cost Envi-R ones - it's great, it outputs to Google Powermeter so we can monitor trends over time and so on, and change behaviour to suit. On our last quarterly bill we averaged 30kWh per day, as opposed to the same time last year where we averaged 47kWh per day!

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