Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lick-o-paint! Part 1

I took the step ladder today to assist in my sneaky entrance this afternoon only to find the joint wide open.  Lucky too because the window I'd left open a crack was now locked!

We were very happy to see our painting has started!!  One coat on and 2 to go.  You might notice no cutting in has happened yet.

Quite liking the colour and of course it should be way nicer once all 3 coats of Taubmans Living Silk are on.  At least it should be Living Silk - didn't see any evidence of it being anything other than the standard paint....

An upgrade of course for 3 coats and the Living Silk - the standard is one base coat and 1 top coat of trade paint.  We chose the 3 coats for a nicer finish and because the Living Silk is easier to clean with little people around.

The kitchen is looking very....ummmm.....white now that the paint is going on.  Shouldn't be so stand-outy by the time our white stools go in as well as some other white bits-n-pieces.  That's the plan anyway!

Unfortunately they seemed to have missed the note about all bathroom walls being painted in Taubmans Crisp White... Also appears the feature walls we have going in the boy's rooms has been overlooked.

The tiler's been back and tiled up behind the rangehood - yay!  BUT 'B' requested for the rangehood to be removed and not have tiles just cut in around it which is what we were led to believe would happen but the tiles have just been tiled around.  Looks great and I'm inclined to leave it but 'B' has a really good point in that if we ever need to replace the rangehood and can't get the same profile, then we have to replace the splashback too. 

All our external doors have been stained now in Taubmans Walnut Stain

Wonky bricks have been knocked out!

And I'll leave you with a pic of tonight's gorgeous sunset :)

It's getting close now!!

26/05/11 ~ ETA: Our SS responded really early this morning to my email from last night and mentioned he was ticked off with the tiler who he had specifically asked to remove rangehood first.  Will be fixed soon.  And he's going to check out the paint situation shortly.  Gotta love a prompt response!


Thigee said...

Amazing how much of work they've done on your house. You've had a really good run. I like your splashback tiles. They truly are a feature in your kitchen. Yeah, you sure are close now. We're hoping to be in our house by the end of July/August. Fingers crossed.

Shayne said...

Loving the colour of the walls - it will look fab once all 3 coats are on!

newbuild said...

Looking gorgeous. Love the paint colour:)

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