Thursday, May 5, 2011

When did that happen?

So I met up with our SS this morning and there we were casually walking through the house with him pointing out the doors that have been hung, the architraves that were going on (contractors were there as we spoke) and we walk into the main area of the house and there it was......

Our kitchen!  Not just delivered but installed!!!!!  *Insert bulging eyes here!*

It's only week 11 out of a 28 week build.  We weren't expecting that yet for weeks!!  Woo hoo!  No, woo hoo is an understatement.  Yeeee haaaaa! Whatever, you get the idea!

We've got Polar White Laminex on all wall cupboards & pot drawers with Stipple Seal Laminex on our bench tops (all colours found here).  We have a 30cm overhang on the bench top for a decent space to sit on the stools.

I had been a bit disappointed that we couldn't justify the cost for 2pac doors / drawers but seeing the Polar White Laminex in real life - I love it!!

We extended the height of our upper cupboards to take into account the higher ceilings and added the bulk head.   Lovin' our handles too.

We have Alaskan Laminex on the outside and ends of island bench.  It's very subtle which is just what I wanted.

Here's our hideously-expensive-but-awesome bin drawer

Love it!

Nice bonus of getting a cutlery tray in the top drawer, wasn't expecting that.

Our sink - not quite the under-mount sink I wanted with essastone bench tops but hey you get that!  (Some more kitchen info here and here)  Might get stone later.

You can see our external 'touch' cupboards here.

Offers a little storage (24cm deep) in an otherwise dead space.

Here's another - stands out a bit more but the stools will go here to help hide it.

Loads more space in this cupboard

Here's our splashback tile!  Natural stone, brushed stainless steel & white glass - perfect to tie all our kitchen colours together!  I got the call from Di Lorenzo yesterday saying my original tile (which was the same tile but not so long & thin) was out of stock with no known re-stock date.  Think I slightly prefer this one anyway on reflection.

We're so happy with how all the colours have come together.  I have literally spent hours agonising over colour selections.

Not only is our lovely kitchen in, so too are our bathroom vanities!  Here is the vanity to our ensuite.  We have Fudge Stream Laminex for the cupboards (which I'm lovin'!) and Pure Calcite Laminex for the bench tops.  Kind of wishing we got some more exciting basins but when you feel that you're literally upgrading everything, there were some things we just had to go easy on.

Left of our ensuite

And the right of our ensuite (and wouldn't you know it - I've just realised the taps & shower rose have been put on the wrong wall!!!!  I've just let SS know) ETA: We're letting it slide, not worth the set back and hassle of changing it over.

Here's Dad's vanity

And here's the vanity to our main bathroom in Polar White Laminex. I know it looks teeny tiny for a main bathroom but it fits well within in the room and it leaves a perfect space for a big heated towel ladder to the left.

And here's the low down for the next couple of weeks according to Saint SS our new best mate our SS:

Internal doors & trims............................finishing today
Bathroom/laundry/splashback tiling........starts tomorrow
Rangehood...........................................going in this week
Skylight to our ensuite...........................this week or next week
French doors & front door.......................arriving 13th May
Door hardware, toilet roll holders etc.......13th May
Painting................................................16th May
Garage door..........................................Straight after painting

Oh and somewhere in the next week or so, plumbing & electrical come back to do their thang.  Said something about floors happening in next week or 2 too....Some of the details were lost as I gazed adoringly at our kitchen.

And then it's pretty much internal clean up and we're done!

Here's the main living areas as a whole so you can see how it's coming together as a whole...

When I said to Saint SS our new best mate our SS that surely at this rate we'll be in before our expected completion date of 30th August - the answer was, "shit yeah".  Couldn't have said it better myself.


April and Allan said...

Wow it is looking so fabulous!! absolutely love your kitchen and the walk in pantry :)

Amy said...

Wow they are so efficient! Looks just wonderful, can't even imagine how excited you must be!

Thigee said...

What a nice surprise!

Tonia said...

Wow looks great Karla!! :)))

Shayne said...

WOW Karla - how EXCITING!!

I think we have the same or very similar handles in our kitchens :)

I am in love with and TOTALLY envious of your rubbish drawer - GREEN I tell ya!! Gah!

Cant wait to see your place finished, it is going to be gorgeous!

Karla said...

Thanks ladies! We are so happy with how everything is coming together!

newbuild said...

Well that is going along sooo well for you...looks terrific!

cassandscott said...

Your kitchen looks fantastic!! What a lovely surprise. I tell you EB are really moving along with your build. Very inspiring!!!!!

Bathrooms look fantastic.

It must feel amazing to see so much work happening day by day...

Keep the photos rolling

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Great progress and great looking house and kitchen!!! out of the entire house the part I love most is the kitchen!

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