Friday, May 20, 2011

How are we going to get in now?!

Well, no painting in sight but we do have a garage door which we weren't expecting until another few weeks!

And we love it!  The colour is Surfmist and I had been a little worried it was going to be pretty bright but it's just right!

Painters are probably finishing off a job and will no doubt be on site next week.

Oh and the slightly-dodgy-not-so-straight brickwork at the base of the bi-fold doors has been knocked out ready to be replaced, so that's great!

Have a great weekend everyone, it's my turn for a sleep in so I'm excited!


Anonymous said...

I misread the name of the colour and thought it was SMURFISH. Hahahaha.

Looks great.

Pink Butterfly

Karla said...

Hahaha now that would be a really interesting colour for a roller door!

Tonia said...

next time leave a window open karla and sneak in whenever you like! :))

Garage looks great! Can't wait till ours gets put up too!

Karla said...

Don't worry, did that weeks ago lol! Was said tongue in cheek :)

EB home oran park said...

Hi Guys, congrats on your home it looks great.

Wife and I are in the process of choosing our external colors.

I think we may have the same taste as you guys?

We are thinking:
PGH Gravel bricks
Normal colour motar
Surfmist windows and garage door

Are the above the same as your home?

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