A little more about us

My name's Karla and I've been married to my wonderful man for 6 years now.  We met 22 years ago at school when we were only 14 (awwww).  After many years of friendship, something deeper blossomed and here we find ourselves today with 2 wonderful boys in our recently built family home in the North West of Sydney.

This is one of my favourite pictures from our wedding day

And here we have the 2 other loves of my life: 
Captain Awesome (2.5) and First Mate No-Beard (nearly 5)

This isn't our first venture into property but it was our first time round of building a home!  We learnt as we went...literally.....and that applied to not only the build, council, BASIX, construction loans, billion paged contracts for land only (what's that all about?) and building contracts but also to the world of design.  Don't get me wrong, I've always attempted to decorate my homes nicely in the past - I mean, who doesn't want peach coloured walls to match peach coloured carpet?!  Anyone?  But time has moved on - thankfully, my tastes have all grown up and now I find myself lured into the fun world of decorating and DIY.  No peach in sight you'll be sad to know! ;)

Initially I started this blog to share our home building story as I know how much other blogs have assisted us in knowing what to expect while also sharing valuable tips.  But I also hope to bounce ideas around about decorating and maybe, just maybe if I do it okay, I may inspire someone else out there just like I have been deeply inspired by some of my favourite blogs.

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