Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Washing Lines

With limited space in our backyard, I don't want any precious real estate taken up with a good ol' fashioned hills hoist so have been researching the alternatives.

A couple of options come straight to mind:-

Foldaway / Removable
Could work... hide it away when entertaining

Wall mounted, foldable
Only space I'd want to mount it is on side of house and they're generally too wide

Complete with view apparently...
I like these, I have a spot where it could mount on the back of the house and hook up to the fence but it means the washing will hang right across where we plan on having a cubby / trampoline for the boys

We'll have 1 metre down each side of our house (jealous?) and I kinda like the idea of having it out of sight completely.  I was thinking we might just have to go the removable option when I stumbled across these:

Wide-Line washing line (from here)

Ok, so it doesn't have the same view as the other wall mounted washing line but it does come in a 3m long and only 75cm wide size which means it would fit perfectly down the side of our house and still leave a bit of room to get past it if needed.

You can also add a 'low-line' which is a few exra lines underneath the top lines to give more hanging space.  Supposedly, if you took the low-line too there would be 27m of hanging space and it would definitely be wide enough for my king size sheets.

Only costs about $250 smackers or so once you include delivery too.

What do you have as a washing line?


Jazz and Brett said...

We have gone with your pic number 3. Attached to fence is great!

We got it from a Hills Clearence Store (they have them on the north and south side of Brissie).

They sell excess stock ther at great prices (cheaper than bunnings)!

cassandscott said...

Clotheslines.. yes much needed item but so ugly. I am going to go for a retractable one as they are pretty out of sight when not in use.

In the UK they have single line retractable ones that work really well I will try and find a link. They can span such a long way.

this is good food for though!

stormygirl said...

Hi Karla,

I have a City Living Wide Line with the extra 'low line' and I love it. I have 36m of line space. The only disadvantage with it is the lines are spaced quite closely together, so unless it's in a full sun or windy position, the clothes may not dry properly. A problem in Melbourne, but you might be OK in Sydney!

Karla said...

Great to hear from someone who has one :) It would be positioned on the western side of the house and get most of the sunshine so sounds like it should go well.

Thigee said...

Thanks for doing all that research Karla, I was looking for washing lines as well and your post is very helpful.

Shayne said...

Nice post - I have been pondering this issue for some time now :)

We have a removable/fold up traditional style hoist - which might be ok up the back of our yard until we get a cubby/playset for CJ - we will have a decent sized space on the narrower side of our house but I'm not sure about the sun situation there so am going to wait until we get in to check it out further. Although its pretty much where the old line was before we knocked down the old house so it could work ok.. Decisions decisions!!

Cheltenham Home said...

We have a wall-mounted, foldable, one, like the third image. When we moved in, pre-renovation, we dug the Hills Hoist out of the centre of the lawn, put some pine posts in behind the shed, and mounted the folding line out of sight.

We then found that we were forgetting when washing was on the line, and it was too sheltered to dry very quickly.

So, post-renovation, we have moved it to a prominent sunny wall mounted spot. Although easily visible from our living area, we can see the washing, which reminds us to bring it in! And the beauty is that it isn't our wall - our neighbour built on the boundary so we've used their wall.

Britt @ absolute alaia said...

Due to not having any wall space on the outside of our house due to windows, mandatory tanks, or them just not being wide enough, I have to use an inside one that is on wheels so I can put it on the deck if I want to. It's also handy for me that way if I forget about the washing and it wont get wet in our disgusting weather at the moment!

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