Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Silly for slabs!

'B' and I met up at the slab this afternoon and I stepped foot on it for the first time!

We were so excited pacing through the 'rooms' and having a good squiz at everything (well, a good squiz at the slab, backyard and positioning to neighbours anyway!)

Our little lot is in such a private position which is just so perfect for our plan.  Dad will have his privacy at the front by not opening up right onto the street (Rumpus & Bedroom 5 are his areas).  All the houses surrounding us are single level and our neighbours are stepped down about 800mm too which just adds to the all round privacy.

If the frames weren't going in next week I think our SS would have found tape marking out the floor plan by 'B' just so we could really get a feel for it.

How did you find it when you first stepped foot into your soon to be home?

1 comment:

April and Allan said...

Wow Congratulations!!! It will be so exciting to see the frames go up and get a real feel for the rooms :) your home will be so nice and private!

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