Friday, March 11, 2011

Vertical Gardens

We're going to have a reasonable sized backyard but not huge by any stretch (gotta love the small blocks and exorbitant land prices in Sydney).  We want to use every square inch of space outside possible just like we have on the inside.

I came across a picture of a vertical herb garden in a magazine aaaages ago and have wanted one ever since.  So next to our Alfresco and outside our Dining Room we plan to have a gorgeous wall of herbs. Mmmm I can smell it now!

Not only functional but it will look and smell gorgeous through our dining room windows or while sitting outside.  I'm quite excited by this little project!

And here are some examples, starting with one of my favourites!

This one below actually has vegetables, strawberries & herbs growing in it!


And here's a couple of really cheap ideas to maximise a hidden spot.  Side of a shed perhaps? 


Not just limited to herbs or greenery.  What about flowers?

And here are some great links if you're interested in setting a vertical garden up for yourself...

Eden Now
Ezine Article
How To Build A Vertical Garden

1 comment:

Shayne said...

Love it! I've seen plenty of vertical gardens but never thought to apply the concept to herbs - brilliant!!

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