Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An update...

No, not the update I just know you were just hanging out to hear (ha ha)!  But an update all the same.

I spoke to our Site Supervisor (SS) for the first time today!  Didn't he call you before your slab went down, I hear you ask.... No, seems there was a little stuff up at Head Office and they somehow missed releasing our file to him until I mentioned the missing drainage point.  Oops!

Either way, due to file being released a little late, it means the frame, windows etc were ordered a little later than usual so our frame should be delivered next week.  Once the frame is up, he wants to meet with us on site to get the correct spot for missed drainage point.

No dramas in the big scheme of things (unless you count me being all sad every time I do a drive-by and having nothing new to gawk at!).  The upside is our slab will have had a good chance to cure before anything is placed on it.

SS sounds like a nice guy - here's hoping for just as good an experience going forward as we've had with our brilliant CSO, Sara!

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