Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little surprise

It's only been a week since concrete was poured for our slab so I didn't really expect to see anything when I did my usual Wednesday morning drive-by today however it appears some electrical preparation has been going on recently.  Any progress, no matter how small is exciting!  I'm guessing we should have a frame in another week or so!

Meter Board going here

Not sure but hey it's a new pipe!

For our instantaneous hot water I believe


Anonymous said...

congratz on the slab :-)!

Mclaren said...

I've really enjoyed your blog - so well organised and so much information/inspiration and you are only up to bricks!! Amazing.

karry327 said...

Thank you Mclaren, you've made my day with such a lovely comment x

Anonymous said...

This is just awsome guys. My wife and I have litterally just today jumped onto the home building roller coaster. Deposit on the land at Georges Fair (Moorebank Sydney NSW) and deposit to Eden Brae Homes. We're building the "Foxley 27" with also a few mods!! Great blog you guys have done here, we'll be sure to read it all. Cheers Todd & Nicole.

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