Monday, March 21, 2011

Bugger off rain!

Mini update...

I spoke to our SS this morning and apparently our roof, fascias and gutters were scheduled to go up today.  Wasn't expecting the roof so soon - imagine what my delight would have been on my Wednesday morning drive-by!!!  Bricks were originally to be delivered this Wednesday however windows won't arrive until Thursday. 

Unsurprisingly, in this weather the roof tilers won't be doing their bit till who knows when and due to window availability and brickies availability, bricks will now be delivered on Friday.

So we could have a flurry of activity by the end of the week or perhaps no progress at all...

On a side note, we should be finally meeting our SS on Wednesday morning!  About time.  He wants us to tell him exactly where the missed drainage point should go and I've also noticed they've got the backyard taps in the wrong spot.  Considering all our changes though, damn impressed that's all.

Bugger off rain!

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