Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello sunshine!

After my rather premature rant on Monday about the recent down pour in Sydney, we now have glorious sunshine and not the wet week of weather I was expecting.

We met our SS on site this morning and sorted out the missed drainage point.  Seems head office had taken it off drawings given to SS but on official drawings it's there - go figure!  SS seems like a nice guy, only too happy to help and appears (and by all accounts does) run a tight ship.

Our gutters and fascia were put up yesterday (and look awesome!), sarking & roof tiles are going up tomorrow.  The plumbers were there doing their thing too and they needed a few things clarified so it was a good morning to be there.

Windows are being installed tomorrow and bricks will be delivered on Friday with the likelihood of going up mid next week.

So exciting!


Shayne said...

Nice! Looking forward to pics ;)

I though of all my bloggy friends still at the mercy of the weather this week & was excited when the sun appeared yesterday!

Amy said...

Flying along! So exciting!

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