Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Washing Lines

With limited space in our backyard, I don't want any precious real estate taken up with a good ol' fashioned hills hoist so have been researching the alternatives.

A couple of options come straight to mind:-

Foldaway / Removable
Could work... hide it away when entertaining

Wall mounted, foldable
Only space I'd want to mount it is on side of house and they're generally too wide

Complete with view apparently...
I like these, I have a spot where it could mount on the back of the house and hook up to the fence but it means the washing will hang right across where we plan on having a cubby / trampoline for the boys

We'll have 1 metre down each side of our house (jealous?) and I kinda like the idea of having it out of sight completely.  I was thinking we might just have to go the removable option when I stumbled across these:

Wide-Line washing line (from here)

Ok, so it doesn't have the same view as the other wall mounted washing line but it does come in a 3m long and only 75cm wide size which means it would fit perfectly down the side of our house and still leave a bit of room to get past it if needed.

You can also add a 'low-line' which is a few exra lines underneath the top lines to give more hanging space.  Supposedly, if you took the low-line too there would be 27m of hanging space and it would definitely be wide enough for my king size sheets.

Only costs about $250 smackers or so once you include delivery too.

What do you have as a washing line?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspiring cabinetry

We'll be looking to build some cabinetry for our family room and I've been busy searching for design.  

As most of the walls in all our living areas are windows, I really want to make the most of the one wall in our family room.  

It will need to house the TV and I'd like to be able to hide the DVD player, sound system etc as well have a few areas to display some precious momentos...

I really like the idea of this one.  Simple, functional, modern & the two-tone makes it interesting

I like how this one utilises the whole wall, the thick shelving and what appears to be mesh covered doors below which enables remotes to be used without opening them

I like the lighting under the shelves of this one and the long unit the TV is sitting on.

More your traditional style but nice & functional all the same.

Ultra modern, simplistic, nice lighting

Same as above however it shows the hidden movies screen!

Functional, modern, interesting.

This one has been made on the cheap using Ikea Besta!



What type of set up do you have in your living room?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Roof Tiles & Windows

We have a roof!  And all our windows are in!  (Colours choices can be seen here.)

We've gone against the trend and gone for a lighter coloured roof which should hopefully be somewhat thermally efficient.

We're really happy with how everything is coming together so far.

Looking up from the road

Looking in from the backyard (a truer colour of the roof tiles)

Our brick delivery - yay!

Windows in Bedroom of unit

Living area of unit

Main bathroom

Looking in towards kitchen and dining room

Looking into kitchen - sink & dishwasher will go where those black pipes are

How beautiful was tonight's sunset? This was taken looking out the front entrance

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy surprise

"B" couldn't help himself and went for another house visit early last night and while checking out all the plumbing that had gone in, he was met with a happy surprise!  Our heavenly bi-fold doors had been installed!!!!  We can't believe they're in already!

All the windows had been delivered to the site too so today is going to be super busy!

Feast your eyes on these babies...

I wish we had the room inside to have them stack inside but they're quite large and they would have bumped furniture and forced odd furniture placement, so outside it is.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello sunshine!

After my rather premature rant on Monday about the recent down pour in Sydney, we now have glorious sunshine and not the wet week of weather I was expecting.

We met our SS on site this morning and sorted out the missed drainage point.  Seems head office had taken it off drawings given to SS but on official drawings it's there - go figure!  SS seems like a nice guy, only too happy to help and appears (and by all accounts does) run a tight ship.

Our gutters and fascia were put up yesterday (and look awesome!), sarking & roof tiles are going up tomorrow.  The plumbers were there doing their thing too and they needed a few things clarified so it was a good morning to be there.

Windows are being installed tomorrow and bricks will be delivered on Friday with the likelihood of going up mid next week.

So exciting!

Monday, March 21, 2011

More on Vertical Gardens

Exactly one week after my post on vertical gardens, Better Homes & Gardens did a television episode on how to make them!  What were the chances?

I thought I'd share their short video on how to simply make your own if you missed it.

Bugger off rain!

Mini update...

I spoke to our SS this morning and apparently our roof, fascias and gutters were scheduled to go up today.  Wasn't expecting the roof so soon - imagine what my delight would have been on my Wednesday morning drive-by!!!  Bricks were originally to be delivered this Wednesday however windows won't arrive until Thursday. 

Unsurprisingly, in this weather the roof tilers won't be doing their bit till who knows when and due to window availability and brickies availability, bricks will now be delivered on Friday.

So we could have a flurry of activity by the end of the week or perhaps no progress at all...

On a side note, we should be finally meeting our SS on Wednesday morning!  About time.  He wants us to tell him exactly where the missed drainage point should go and I've also noticed they've got the backyard taps in the wrong spot.  Considering all our changes though, damn impressed that's all.

Bugger off rain!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are you ready for frame overload?

Words can't describe how happy I was to be wandering through our home today.  We have spent so many hours trying to get the plans just right and to see it coming together is unbelievable.

And without further ado... here are the pics!

From street level looking up where drive way will go

Side on from a distance

Front entrance

Looking in through "front door"

Looking into entrance of self-contained unit - french doors going here

Standing near study nook looking towards family room

Down front hall, looking into mudroom / laundry

Down side of house - surprised to see how much higher we are

Looking into the playroom - french doors will go here

At corner of Alfresco looking in towards dining / family / kitchen areas

Next stop... to buy gum boots!

Bricks are scheduled for mid next week!

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