Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We've chosen to supply a dishwasher for our new home because I want something that actually cleans dishes (shock! horror!) without having to pretty much hand wash them first and also one that doesn't sound like a freight train when it's running!

After checking out some online reviews I settled on a Bosch Dishwasher.  I was going to wait for some mid year sales when I recently heard that 2nds World were having a Bosch sale!  "B" and I went and checked it out and bought this baby for $1,085!  Has a few scuff marks on each side but you won't see them once installed!  RRP is $1,799 but let's be honest, you can always get it cheaper and my favourite online store is selling them for $1,451.  That's a $366 win for us!!!  Happy days!

While at 2nds World we had a quick look at fridges.  We have a fridge - it's a white, 12 year old, nothing flash kind of fridge that leaks and isn't frost free but hey it works and has served us well.  So while we don't need a new fridge, I'm certainly trying to stretch the budget to get a nice stainless steel one that won't be dwarfed by the huge fridge alcove home it will have in the new place.

Being conscious it's not one of the many necessities we will have after we move in I don't want to spend much more than around $1,500.  We're going to have plumbing in the fridge space so if we're going to bother getting a new fridge we may as well get one that has filtered water and ice too.  It appears most side by side fridges with this option start at $1,500.

The sales guy at 2nds World recommended this Samsung Fridge which seems to be the best value for money and has good reviews (even if only 2 people have reviewed it).  After chatting to the local Good Guys it appears I'll be able to get it for $1,565!  RRP $2,199, appliances online sell it for $1,716 and if I can get it for $1,565 we'll be saving $151!

Savings tally currently stands at $517.  Not bad.

Next on our list is a TV.  Like our lovely old fridge, we have a neanderthal beast of a television that's around 10 years old now so we would like to get a new one to hang on the wall.  Still trying to decide what to get.  On our tick list is:

  • Good, clear picture (which they all have anyway - don't they?)
  • 45 - 50 inches or so
  • Economical to run (one sales guy told me the Plasmas are kind of on par with LCD running costs now, don't know how true that is)
  • Internet capabilities (for down the track if we can ever afford ever decide to get foxtel)
  • Cost around $1,000

I think that's about it really.  I know a technology buff would have hundred other must haves on their list but to be honest a TV is a TV to me ground breaking I know.  We're also quite aware of the huge changes that have happened in the last 10 years so can only imagine where TV's will be in another 5 - 10 years.

Any recommendations?


Shayne said...

Re : tv's - check our Harvey Norman now - its that time of the year when they are clearing out all the old models in preparation for the new models which trickle in over the next few months. (We have a family member who works there) I got a 50" top of the line LG plasma with all the bells and whistles for around $1100 from memory - yay!

I guess most electrical stores are in the same boat at the moment.

Anonymous said...


My Mum has one of those side by side fridges, and so does my MIL. Neither have the water and ice dispensing option though...

My observation, the shelves arent very wide at all! And they go back so far things get lost at the back. You cant actually fit a nice big platter in them at all if you are entertaining etc, and nothing big at all really. The freezer is even worse.

Mum in particular hates hers and would NEVER buy a side by side like that again. She would prefer a regular fridge or one of those ones with the double doors fridge at the top and the freezer on the bottom.

Not sure what options are available with the dispenser etc.

Karla said...

Thanks for the feedback PB! I had wondered if it would be really annoying to have such a narrow space and had planned on putting our old fridge in the laundry for drinks, platters and general extras.

May go have another look at other fridge you mentioned as I had considered one of those originally.

Thanks Shayne re tv's - will go & check HN out!

Dave said...

We had a Samsung fridge when living overseas a few years ago. It was a good fridge.

We're now thinking about a side-by-side fridge. The width of the shelves is an important issue, as PB points out. It's when you are catering for big events that you need room for dishes pre-prepared on platters and plates. Running a second fridge for occasional use isn't very economical!

We had the plumbing put in for an ice-maker but don't plan to buy a fridge - more as an option for future purchasers of our place because it is so hard to put in later. Or we might change our mind. Does anyone ever use them regularly when living in the cooler parts of Australia?

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