Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspiration For Boy's Bedrooms

Decorating boys bedrooms can be a little hard I reckon.  Harder than girls rooms anyway.  Everywhere I turn I see beautiful, pretty things for girls.

So this post is dedicated to inspiring boys bedrooms and ideas - little boys in particular - just like my 2 little monkeys!  No girls allowed :P

I'll let the pictures do the talking but I will say I don't dig skulls & crossbones, licensed items and going overboard with any one particular theme (which I must admit I find hard not to do).

I love how simple yet sophisticated this room is with gorgeous pops of red!

Now this is a bedroom I love! So great for a boy of all ages

I know this is a Nursery but I LOVE the colours, the strips / circles, light - everything!  And how easy to make this a big boy's bedroom once the cot and change table are no longer needed!

How's this fabulous lego headboard!
Love the stripy ceiling and tying it in by painting the same green on the back of book case

I don't actually know which bedroom I love best but they've all given me loads of ideas!

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