Monday, February 14, 2011

Letter Box Inspiration

Riveting subject isn't it?!  Nevertheless we're going to need one at the new joint so I've been doing my usual internet searching for good ones.

As we are in a battleaxe there will be limited room on either side of the drive way so I'm looking for:

a) something tall (so we can see it when reversing)
b) narrow (again to avoid scraping the car on it)
c) with a big enough opening to take A4 (hate mail being all scrunched up & shoved in)
d) and dare I also hope for reasonably nice looking?

My search has led me to the following and I don't know about you but I'm noticing a common theme here...

One on the left

I wonder if hubby would like this one being the cyclist enthusiast that he is?  No?

If it were up to my 2 year old, we'd have a 'raffe'! He has a cute little fascination with them.

And I'm sure my 4 year old would just love this one!

What's your letter box like?

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