Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We have a slab!

I was hanging out for my drive-by this morning and was very happy to see a gorgeous, yes gorgeous, slab has been poured.  Yesterday, if the date painted on side of slab is anything to go by.

We noticed last Friday that the plumber's had left one drainage point out (for future kitchenette in self-contained unit).  At that stage the waffle pods and steel had been laid but concrete not poured. 

'B's' first contact with our Site Supervisor (SS) was a little awkward because here we were calling him with an issue before he'd even got our file and knew he was our SS!  Didn't want to be known as too anal annoying pedantic this early on anyway ;)  And there was a bit of - you call him, no you call him going on but either way our SS sounded like a good bloke and agreed we were right to be raising the issue.

Anyway, what do I find today? Gorgeous slab - check, missing drainage point - ummm, still missing!

Not a great start but not the end of the world.  Eden Brae's problemo!

Waffle pods and steel all ready for concrete

Gorgeous right?

Step-down garage

Awww our first (and hopefully last) bit of graffiti

Guess we'll have to wait a couple of weeks now for it to cure.


feenix said...

cool that's fantastic guys!! oh strange that your site supervisor hadn't been in contact before this began, our SS rang us about a week or 2 before they poured the slab to introduce himself. We now make a regular weekly call with our SS to find advise of any issues we find or to find out what's the plan for the coming week :)

It's all happening now!

Karla said...

Yes, I was under the impression we'd get a call from our SS before anything happened with the site. Next thing we knew, the formwork was down. When I raised the issue about missed drainage point with EB, our CSO mentioned there had been an error their end in getting our file to SS. Either way, we're getting there :)

Amy said...

How exciting! It looks great.

Tonia said...

Looks fantastic!!!

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