Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I love you Eden Brae! Yes I do.

'B' met up with our SS this morning and things are shaping up even better than we hoped!  Our SS seems to think that we'll be ready for our walk through in 4 weeks time with the possibility of moving in, in 6 weeks time!!!!

If it goes as planned - that's 8 weeks early!!!!!!!!  8 WEEKS! Seriously INCREDIBLE!

The painters are booked in for this Friday however he was going to see if they could start tomorrow as the house is ready for them.  Heard some not so great stories about dodgy paint jobs, so fingers crossed.

Now that tiling has completed, our bath and shower screens etc have been ordered.  Electrical's & plumbing will come in after the painting.  Roller door also goes in after the painting.  Floors will be done last.

Our doors have all been hung now too so we're technically at lock up.

And what's a post without a billion pics?

Here you can see our front door as well as the French Door's which is the main entry into the unit.

Here's the French Doors in the playroom

Looking down the hall to the front door

Laundry door

Internal door to unit

Dad's lounge room

Our ensuite's skylight

Our ensuite shower

Left of the main bathroom

Right of main bathroom

Cavity slider has been fitted to our WIP - looks so puny next to the crazy-large fridge space

So there you go.  Good on you SS and good on you Eden Brae - you're officially awesome!


Thigee said...

Karla, I'm loving Eden Brae at the moment myself. Your build is going so well. Super efficient and it all looks like good workmanship as well. Well worth the dollars. I think I have the same laundry door as you as well.

Tonia said...

Bloody awesome news!!!

Shayne said...

Wow! Thats fantastic :) The house is looking wonderful!!

Jules said...

It's all coming together now. I'm so excited for you guys that you're almost in!!!! OMG!!!!

can't wait to see when it's all finished :)

KingsCastle said...

I'm loving Eden Brae too!! Looking good Karla :-)

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