Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Tiling - it's all happening!

I got my Friday fix yesterday afternoon and boy was I happy!

It had been a week since I was able to drive past so at the request of my eldest and not needing much convincing, I did a quick drive by on the way to pre-school and after dropping them off again before heading to work for the day.  It is only a couple of blocks away after all.

In the space of 15 minutes, it went from an empty site to having a truck there delivering our doors (on the designated day & all) and about 3 other guys who I assumed to be the tilers as well as the older couple who are putting in all the architraves, skirting, cornices and hanging the doors.

I noticed the truck that had backed up the drive had hit the water main at the end of our drive way too but in the time I was there I think the SS for next door pulled up and turned the water off.  Phew!

In the afternoon, I expected the house might be at lock up considering all the promise of the morning but it was wide open with no new doors being hung (at least I didn't have to flash my unmentionables at the poor neighbours while trying to climb in an unlocked window somewhere). 

My lovely little kitchen's splashback has been done and grouted and the tiles are exactly what I hoped for - a gorgeous, something-special feature while not screaming look at me, look at me.

The tiles are meant to go up behind the rangehood which we notified our SS of at the beginning of the week yet nothing has been done to fix it.

And because you can't have enough pics from different angles, here's a few more ;)

Here's a close up of the yet-to-be-cleaned tile

And not to stop at the kitchen, the bathrooms are making good head-way too!

Here's Dad's shower, floors yet to be tiled

The washing machine / dryer alcove in Dad's bathroom

Dad's vanity.  I wish we tiled to the ceiling now, we increased it from the standard to 1200mm but again, had to reign in the costs.  The remainder of all bathroom walls will be painted in 'Crisp White' by Taubmans so it should all blend in nicely enough.

Below is the main bathroom.  Tiles are yet to be grouted.
Feature tile is natural stone and I love it.  Similar but still a bit different to kitchen splashback.
Floor tiles will be in all bathrooms.

Here's the shower, looks like they're getting ready to put a hob in when we said to put no hob in the main bathroom or our ensuite.

French Doors and Main Door to unit have been delivered

And this secret not-so-little package is our front door!

Here's our laundry and our sad, lonely little tub in the corner.
I would have loved the whole bench & cupboards set up but the coffers were bone dry after all the other upgrades.  We'll give the laundry some lovin' later on.

Really impressed with Di Lorenzo's workmanship on the whole!

Last but not least, an example of our skirting, etc in the garage.  

I didn't take any pics of the newly laid skirting in the house probably because I was a bit annoyed that the skirting has been fixed well & truly to the walls when it stipulates on the order that skirting is to be lightly tacked to the wall so when Di Lorenzo come in to lay the flooring, they can then fix skirting over the top properly.

I even emailed our SS on 29th April as a reminder about only tacking the skirting to which he responded to.  Sigh....

I'll be giving the SS a buzz on Monday as I don't know when flooring is scheduled for and they won't be able to do it properly with skirting the way it is.

The communication between Di Lorenzo and Eden Brae hasn't been great - rangehood installed without checking to see what was going behind it and now the skirting with the flooring.  Hmmph.

Anyway, to end on a happier note - it's all coming together and by some miracle everything is looking great (well we think so anyway).


Tonia said...

OMG!! Things are moving super fast!!! Wow!! Tiles are looking beautiful :))

Thigee said...

Karla, thanks for your blog today I had a light bulb moment and realised that I didn't think about the tiling behind my rangehood at all. I drove down to Di Lorenzo with my kitchen plan and asked if I could increase my splashback so that it covered behind the rangehood. Thankfully, they said it was'nt a problem and that I just had to remind the SS to not have the rangehood installed. So I'll be sending him an email now. Thanks.

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

your choices tile are coming along nicely. I like them a lot!

Our land was leveled today so I hope we can catch up with your build. :)

Shayne said...

Looking lovely Karla!

Shame about the skirtings but I imagine they will have to come up with a solution if it is stipulated in the contract?

Karla said...

Thanks everyone :)

Re floors, I imagine they'll have to pull up the skirting, before the floors are ready to be laid & before the painters come. Just annoying really.

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