Saturday, May 14, 2011

She's making a list and checking it twice....

Seeing that we're coming towards the end of our build, I though it was time to dust off the list I started putting together before our build even started, that contains a whole heap of handy things to check for in our final inspection.

I hope that it helps others who are yet to get to this stage and I also hope that the lucky one's who are already in their homes might care to share any additional tips. Pretty please?

Some are a bit Captain Obvious, others not so.  Here goes, in no particular order:
  • Paint thinning - many painters thin down the paint to keep it cheap
  • Paint drops - look for unsightly paint marks
  • Doors - make sure they are hung correctly and that cupboards are level
  • Doors - make sure that all external doors have been painted on top, sides & bottom to prevent swelling
  • Doors - make sure they sanded doors before being painted, otherwise can be a rough finish
  • Light switches - check there are no marks in plaster around the fitting
  • Flyscreens - check they're all there
  • Drainpipes - make sure they are all installed correctly and that they are not dented (they dent easily)
  • Brickwork - is it all level?
  • Expansion joints - have they been filled?
  • Try every door & window to make sure they all work
  • Try every tap & make sure the hot & cold are the right way round
  • Try every light switch
  • Check every powerpoint (a small night-light would be perfect)
  • Flush every toilet
  • Check the mortar around windows etc to ensure there are no gaps
  • Check the plasterboard around eaves to make sure none have fallen
  • Check roof tiles to ensure none are cracked - ask for some spare tiles too if possible
  • Check the roof & walls in all angles (for defects)
  • Windows - check they don't rattle
  • Check your roof insulation is complete
  • Check all floor wastes are there
  • Check all the drawers work (kitchen, bathroom etc)
  • Check outside taps, lights, drive way etc
  • Inspect every surface for scratches (kitchen, bathroom etc)
  • Check the oven works (and dishwasher etc if installed)
  • Check the air-conditioning works and the different zones work
  • Check flooring

Word on the street is that you can only have ONE final inspection and can only submit ONE final defects list.  Of course, if things break after you move in then you are covered.

Our mission final inspection day is going to look a little like this...
  1. I will have requested that the house has had it's final clean before inspection.
  2. We'll pack night-lights for powerpoint testing, drinks & lunch to keep us going, torches to better see defects, scratches etc, ladder to check in ceiling and of course we'll each have a check list dedicated to checking different items in the house
  3. 'B' & I will both allow the full day to go over everything - we'll probably start around 8am to ensure that we've got plenty of time to conduct our one and only inspection
  4. If we have an independant inspection, we'll have that happening on the same day
With any defects, scratches or imperfections - apparently they will only be accepted as a defect if it can be seen in natural daylight.  So while a torch will help to detect it in the first place, keep that in mind.

Have you got anything to share?  Would love to hear it.

ETA: For the Mother of all checklists, see here...


Belinda said...

Hi Karla,

If you can pm me an email address on H1, I have a great PCI checklist from another H1 member that I can email you :)
Cheers Belinda

Shayne said...

Sadly for us - our power hadn't been connected yet so we couldn't check powerpoints and lights!!! GAH!

john said...

Thanks, I like this post it is very good and informative. I am sure that this post will be very helpful

Building Inspections Brisbane said...

Great list for marking check list.

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