Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Window treatments

Today we signed the dotted line for our blinds and shutters with Abbey Shutters.  Nicole at Home Option Gallery was super helpful!  We've been going back and forth for quite a while now trying to get it right, so it's nice to have it all sorted.

We've chosen cedar wood plantation shutters painted in Taubmans Crisp White (which is also the colour of our architraves) for our bedroom and the boy's bedrooms.  We've gone with the 90mm blade and the reverse wand.  Our reasons for choosing shutters for these rooms are:

  • Good insulation - our bedrooms will cop most of the summer sun. 
  • Block out qualities - keep the rooms nice and dark for sleeping (especially for those early risers!) 
  • Can angle them to get the best light but not have to look at the rather plain and close fence
  • Helps to block out sound
  • Look fabulous!
Here's an idea of what we're getting

In our living areas, it was a little tricky to work out what to do as we have so many windows.  We contemplated shutters for these areas but thought it would end up looking too much (let alone the $$$ it would cost!!!)  In the end we decided on sheer blinds.  With the good orientation on the block and our eaves, we're hoping the blinds will be up majority of the time anyway, so we're mainly after privacy at night.

The blinds we chose are called Ash by Mercury and have a nice texture to them. I like that they offer a bit of contrast to the paint colour we've chosen too.  

Abbey Blinds supply a stainless steel chain which is fixed to the architrave (for child safety) and there'll also be an aluminium oval rod at the bottom of the blinds.  Because some of our windows are pretty large, Abbey are going to put "spring assist" in too which makes them lighter to pull up.  Over the bi-fold doors, each side will have 2 blinds which will be linked and therefore go up or down simultaneously.

Here's a swatch of our blind (left), Antique White paint swatch (right) and Crisp White for all the trims (middle)

Everything we've chosen is Australian made which is kinda cool and all looks like really nice quality.  

Best bit is that they have an arrangement with Eden Brae so everything will be installed before handover!!


cassandscott said...

Karla they look fantastic... so with getting the blinds through these suppliers, do you think they do a better deal. Are EB ok with having them installed before handover?

Also is that antique white USA for your walls... we are tossing up between hogsbristle or Antique white USA...

Karla said...

Thanks Cass! Not sure if it's the best deal in the market but when looking at cheaper places, the quality of the fittings tended to be plastic and just not as nice, so I was happy to go with these guys. When you go through Home Option Gallery to cho

ose your colours, you'll also get to sit down with Abbey Blinds for a no obligation quote. They have a deal with EB and do the measure & installation prior to handover.

Our paint colour is Taubmans Antique White but it's a builders range so you can't find the swatch in any of the paint places. Also, heads up - you are only allowed to choose a Taubmans or Bristol colour (they won't use any other brands tint). You can go to the Home Option Gallery well before your appointment to check out the colours they have there (builders range) and if you upgrade your paint to 3 coats, you can go with any Taubman or Bristol colour you can find.

Britt @ absolute alaia said...

Awesome choice of window furnishings :-P but then I'm a little biased seeing we have them too! x

Shayne said...

Lovely Karla - very similar choices to mine :)

I love the contrast between the colour you chose for the blinds and the Antique White paint, cant wait to see those installed.

Its fantastic you can get them installed before handover too - if only Metricon were a tad flexible with things like that - would make my life much easier!! I am getting my carpet from the company M has a contract with but it doesn't look like they will allow install before handover - SO annoying!!

Oh - and I know a guy who works as a SS for EB - wonder if you have him?

Karla said...

Shayne, I feel like giving M a big boot up the backside on your behalf! Our SS is DJ... Fabulous!

Unknown said...

It is simple but beautiful. Great post.

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