Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mini update

'B' went to the house this afternoon - first time he's been able to get there in daylight for ages.  He picked up a couple of things that I thought I'd note down because a) I don't want to forget about them and b) it is part of the journey after all...

  • some of the push catches to the kitchen cupboards aren't working very well
  • one of the kitchen cupboard doors is a little wonky (though he thinks they can be adjusted pretty simply or perhaps are yet to be adjusted)
  • we're tiling right up behind the rangehood, so wondering if it will have to come out for the tiler
  • he noticed that the brickwork under the alfresco doors is not square set.  I had noticed it before but had only really addressed the gap between the door and bricks but 'B' said if we end up putting pavers in the alfresco (most likely) that it will look terrible and really stand out.

Here's a pic I took of it originally - little hard to see in the pics

Funnily enough, the other side of bricks under the alfresco doors is great - so it looks like it's been done by 2 different people.

Brickie's are coming back to fix the slightly el dodgo top course of bricks out the front anyway...

Apart from these 2 spots, the brickies did a fast and fantastic job!

As for me, I'm quite excited to be starting my first DIY project tomorrow and it involves the following:

Watch this space!


Thigee said...

Karla, we also found a few little things when we went over today:
1. a broken window frame with a large split in the wood on one of our large windows in the family room.
2. Some bricks are lose on the laundry door ledge.
3. Odd looking brick on back wall.
My SS is back from holidays tomorrow so I hope to speak to him to tell him we want to save the extra bricks and will bring up these little things as well.

Karla said...

Thigee, frustrating to find things isn't it. Hope yours are all sorted soon.

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