Monday, April 18, 2011

What we're looking forward to this week!

I spoke to our SS this morning to touch base and discuss some of the issues I picked up last visit to the house. 

Firstly, he informed me that our bricks were cleaned over the weekend, so I can't wait to see that! 

Regarding the dodgy looking brickwork under the bifolds, he told me some type of skirting is yet to go on there so I'll just see how it ends up.  Apparently the brickie was meant to go back last week and brick above the entry and laundry doors too which he is chasing up.

He assured me no electrical points have been missed.  For the wet areas, there are certain distances they have to be positioned, so they wait until the vanities have been put in.  Not sure why the 2 in our main bedroom aren't there - could be something to do with backing onto the laundry??

Roof tiles get checked at the end and I forgot to mention the 2 tone mortar but it will be better to see if it does change after another week or so has passed before bringing it up anyway.

So this is what we have to look forward to this week:

Council inspection......Tuesday
Gyprocking...............Thursday (should take 3 days he reckons)

Wednesday, next week after Easter he said our "Fix out" should be happening.  That's the doors, skirting, architraves etc.

When I commented at this pace we'll be in before our completion date of 31st August, he sounded surprised and thought it was a later completion date.....what the?

I've got it in writing from Head Office, so shall forward it to him to compare against when he believes it will be.  In my head I'm giving it till October / November anyway.  Anything before Christmas would be great!


Thigee said...

Karla, we're hoping to be in by Xmas as well. Fingers crossed. Your SS probably doesn't want to commit to anything. Our bricking started today. Don't think they'll be finished by the weekend though.

Jen said...

Oooohhh! Nice!

I think that 'gyprocking' will be one of the most 'reality' check stages as you will really be able to get a feel for the rooms.. we were playing in our dirt the other day and I'm thinking 'hhmmm... small' - which I know it is NOT! Lol.. :)

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