Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We have bricks! Part 1

It was such a good feeling going to the house today and seeing it half bricked!  By the end of next week it should be finished!! That is if the rain holds off!  No pressure guys ;)

One of the best feelings both 'B' and I have is seeing all the colours come together and loving, really loving, it all! 

Some materials for our eaves and alfresco ceiling had been delivered to site too so anticipating that to go up in the next week with any luck.

It's starting to feel like a real house now *insert annoying girly squeal here*

Never have I seen a lovelier internal garage wall!  
I'm gushing, I know - pathetic!

The man of the house surveying the scenery from one of the boy's rooms

Inside the playroom

Back of house

Not bad for only 2 full days of bricking!!

Watch this space for the next brick instalment!


Cass said...

The colours look fantastic! Well done EB!!!

Tonia said...

Oh how exciting!! Bricks look great :)

Jules said...

looking great K! btw - did you get my email the other day? i sent through your 'contact' me page

Karla said...

Jules! Yes! Just responded - it had gone to my spam folder (how rude!) lol

Thigee said...

So happy for you Karla. Our build is going really fast as well. Must say we are quite happy with EB so far. Lets hope it continues.

Jen said...

How exciting for you!
It's looking great - I am in love with your roof tiles!

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