Monday, April 25, 2011


We have walls!  And how great it looks!

Now we can really feel the room size and everything feels nice and spacious.   I'm so glad we raised the ceiling height to 2590mm as you can really feel the difference.

I also LOVE the amount of natural light that comes in.  It was really important to me to have lots of natural light.  The photo's below have been taken today on quite an overcast day and it's still nice & bright inside.

A few more days yet to be spent on finishing the walls but here is what it's all looking like so far:

And here we have one of our little helpers

Here's our future study nook and wine rack alcove
(wine rack alcove to the right ;) ha ha)

Our little munchkins found a hidey hole behind the wine rack

Looking through the front door

Mud Room / Laundry

Looking down the other hall from our bedroom

Playroom - looking towards the future built in robe

Dad's bedroom

Dad's living area

Looking from hall into Dad's living area

Dad's future kitchen area (fridge alcove just to the left)

Dad's shower (and laundry alcove just to the right)


Lastly, we noticed through some gyprock that the roof's insulation has not been finished and 'B' also pointed out some pretty terrible looking brickwork at the front of the house.  For our own record, here are some photo's:

In general the top course of bricks has a few wonky bricks, missing mortar and just doesn't look the best

All going to plan, this week should see doors being hung and the skirting and architraves going on.  As well as the gyprock being finished.

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Thigee said...

Looking good Karla, amazing how big everything looks once the gyprock is done. We're hoping our bricking moves along this week. We have only one brickie, he seems very particular about his work.

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