Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kitchen Stools

Thought I'd share our brand new kitchen stools courtesy of ebay - and get this, they only took 3 days to be delivered from Melbourne!

A little pricier than I hoped to spend, even though I got each of them for $30 less than the asking price but I've had cheaper ones before that I never really liked so wanted to get it right this time.

To fit the bill they needed to be white, stable with a back on them (for the kids) and not adjust to different heights (would do my head in seeing them all different heights all the time).  Oh and look good too - it's not all just about functionality!

We bought 3 of these beauties...

Care to share what you've got going on in the kitchen?

1 comment:

Cheltenham Home said...

We bought the opposite - black, height adjustable and swivelling. I do, before guests arrive, line them up and adjust them for similar heights!

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