Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pendant lights

I bit the bullet and purchased some pendant lights on ebay tonight!  I lurrrrve them in the pics, here's hoping they look just as good in real life.  'B' loved them straight up too, so major score there!

I figured for only $125 for the 2 including postage we didn't have much to lose should they not be quite right.  Though, everything crossed that they are!

I want to hang them together at different lengths just like the photo below and funnily enough had pictured something like this in my head before seeing the below pic.

Thinking of hanging them in the Living Room (see below layout) to help separate the space from the other areas of the open plan area.  Either that or over the dining table but thinking Living Room for now.

Lastly, being silver, round, modern & textured I'm happy that they're fitting in with our intended colour scheme, overall look we're hoping to achieve as well as helping to balance out all our rather angular furniture.  They should add some nice ambience too!

(Mood Board found at Young House Love

As for the remainder of the house, most likely LED downlights.

What type of lighting do you have?  Did you find it difficult choosing?


Thigee said...

Karla, great minds think alike, I was working on my post about my light fittings late last night as well. Will post that on my blog soon. Love your lights and it was a bargain too.

Britt @ absolute alaia said...

Love them! I was looking at a few like that until I found that Ikea made the 'dandelion' pendant in a smaller version so I got that instead.

Tonia said...

Beautiful pendants :) We have a very similar one that will be a feature in our entry hallway. Also putting two pendants in various lengths like your pic on top of our dining table..great choices and what a bargain! :)

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