Friday, April 8, 2011

We have bricks! Part 2

Well I wasn't disappointed at this afternoon's drive-by.  Everything is looking so great! Bricks are 99% completed with one of the brickies coming back tomorrow to finish off the last few bits & pieces.

We chose the Newcrest Facade and turned the 3 narrow windows into 2 bigger windows 

Cladding will be going above the front windows, similar to the house below

Front of house

Ducting for air-conditioning has been delivered so I imagine that will be installed soon

We've been wired up!

A few finishing touches to the windows and around door frames and the bricks should be finished

'B' noticed a cracked and lifting roof tile that we need to have replaced

With SS approval, poor ol' 'B' moved all these bricks by himself from the front to this pallet in the back so we can use them in the landscaping later

I believe the Council Inspector is coming out next week to suss it all out and (hopefully) give it the big stamp of approval.

Final brick post to come once everything has been finished and they've been acid washed.

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