Thursday, April 21, 2011

Layer upon layer upon layer

Yep, just like the old Sara Lee ad used to say, our home is being put together layer upon layer.  It's looking particularly cosy with the insulation now almost complete.  Just a little more in the roof and it will be done.  Bring on the gyprock!

Standing in Dad's bathroom looking out towards his front door and bedroom

Looking down the hall way towards front door

This is the wall of Dad's bathroom, on the other side is our Living Room.  This is sound proofing - Dad will be happy to know any private business remains private!

This is looking into our mudroom / laundry. Normal insulation on the right and sound proofing on the left.  Our bedroom is on the other side of wall and on the rare chance 'B' gets to have a day sleep after working a night shift, it will be good to know the washing machine won't bother him.

And here's the other side of the wall in our bedroom

Playroom all kitted out

Family Room

And just cause I love our doors, here they are again :P

Have a great long weekend everyone!


Shayne said...

Looks great Karla! We got soundproofing insulation around all the bedrooms - and double glazed windows in my sons and our room - so excited about that! Its the little things huh?

Have a great weekend :)

cassandscott said...

Looks great, give you a real sense of space in the rooms now... coming along very quickly

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