Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hellooooo gorgeous!

So chuffed to see our lovely clean house today!  What a difference it makes to see clean bricks.  I'll let the pictures do the talking! (Click on the picture to see a larger version)

Here's a reminder of what our house looked like prior to the spruce up

Interesting how different the bricks look in different light. Below is a pretty true reflection.

Stoked to report there's no 2 tone mortar, just needed a bit longer to dry

What 2 tone?

And here's the back view!  

Don't mind the quagmire!

At least I come prepared now!

Here's our busy little cul-de-sac...

Here's hoping security is beefed up just a tad more over the 5 day long weekend!

Cause no one would ever be able to squeeze through here or anything!  (This is our neighbour's house who is also building an Eden Brae home so there is 1 fence around both our properties.)  

Apparently, on the first day back after the long weekend, Eden Brae go around all the homes to see if / what has been vandalised :(

Fingers crossed we're spared!


Thigee said...

Nice bricks Karla, our bricking is still being done at the moment. I'm also waiting to see it all washed.

Shayne said...

Gee thats an encouraging thought isn't it? eek!!

Must say the thought had crossed my mind too - although our place is in an established residential street so fingers crossed we are al; spared any damage!

Bricks look fab - will look even better when the lovely standard cladding colour is painted over :)

And the site is SO clean! We STILL have broken bricks and debris everywhere - its appalling actually.

Have a great long weekend!

Karla said...

Thanks Thigee :)

Shayne, I was surprised at the early site clean up too. Maybe our SS is a clean freak (fine with me!)

Hope you both have a lovely long weekend too!

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