Wednesday, April 13, 2011 a fox

Something rare happened today.  I had some free time between dropping the boys off to daycare and heading to work.  Unheard of.

Of course I did my usual morning drive-by and noticed the street wasn't full of trucks and even better, our house and our neighbour's house (which share a fence) had no one in them. 

I parked up the street out of the way and made my way over.  I paced around the perimeter wondering if I had the nerve just to head on in when any minute the SS or some other tradie might rock up and demand what I'm doing there.  Not meant to be on site afterall.

After taking some dodgy pics through the fence, I hopped back in my car, drove off, changed my mind (the temptation was just too great), parked the car again and slipped in the back.  Stealth I tell ya! Ha! Hardly!

Anyway, stealth or not, I was rewarded with what I saw...

Bricks have been completed and site has been cleaned

Eaves are in, cladding is on - don't worry, that clashing creamy coloured cladding is yet to be painted as are the downpipes

Bit of cladding above the bi-folds is making it look more tidy

Getting ready for the cavity slider to WIP

Dad's space

More cavity sliders for our WIR and Ensuite

Not sure what's going on here?

Bit of cladding, eave & down pipe action all in one!  Wonder when they're going to clean the bricks?

Air-conditioning anyone?

Wonder if there'll be anything in store for me this afternoon?  I know I need to have a wander with my electrical plan because I can see a few power points that have been missed...


Thigee said...

Hi Karla, I love watching your house take shape. Gives me a bit of an idea of what's gonna happen with mine in days to come. Liking your colour scheme already.

SkyPiea~~Sky Island said...

Looks really great!
I'm no expert and haven't even start building yet but looks like your build is nearly there.

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