Thursday, June 23, 2011

PCI. How it all went...

We met up with our SS yesterday morning - check-lists, tape measure, spirit level, step ladder, mirror (to check under the external doors had been painted / sealed), toilet roll, hand soap, paper towel, snacks & drinks in hand (yep, we were prepared for a mammoth day) and proceeded with the inspection.

Since our last visit, the fly-screens have been put on and the windows had been cleaned but that was pretty much it.  No painting had been done, no other cleaning had been done, floors were still grubby and the 2 out of the 3 shower screens are still yet to be installed.  Rangehood was still down, some electrical work still needed doing, internal step in garage was missing and some tiling around the mirrors still needs to be done in our ensuite.  Oh and as mentioned previously, carpet is being put in next week.

Can you see our blue pockmarked walls?

So, to be honest it was a little hard to do a PCI when it wasn't really finished but we did go around and mark any imperfections in the paint job (happy to say it was great quality work) and we did go over a few things that needed to be fixed such as pantry & WIR shelving hasn't been done properly, towel rails were installed where they weren't meant to be and a few other little things.

What's next? I hear you ask...

Rangehood....................was being installed as we left
Tyrell's Inspection..........Tuesday
Blinds / Shutters............Wednesday
Appliance fit-out............On day of handover

And in between now and handover, the shelving will be repaired in WIP & WIR (apparently this could be a bit of a wait), there'll be a Door Service (final check & clean of bi-folds / french doors), Roof Service (check for broken tiles), tiling will be repaired / finished, all the small repairs  noted from today will be completed as well as final electrical check and then it's pretty much ours!  Not forgetting a final clean right through!

So, we're looking at 1 to 2 weeks roughly, all going to plan!!!!

Oh and we were only there about 3 hours in the end!!  Didn't need the loo paper, hand wash, paper towel or snacks!  It was helpful to have our Admin Variation List though as back up for a few oversights.  And as for the Mother Of All Check Lists it was barely consulted!  Having spent ages the night before tailoring the list for our place, I was very familiar with what we needed to pay special attention to anyway and a lot of it just couldn't be done at this stage.


Shayne said...


Ours was the same (which I knew would be the case!) - tricky when so much was still to be completed!

If EB uses Stegbar for the shelving buckle in for a wait (apparently most builders use them as there arent many companies big enough to cope with volume builder contracts - I'm still waiting for mine to be finished off :(

Its looking fab - you must be very excited! Now - hows the packing?

Karla said...

Yes EB do use them Shayne and now I'm a bit nervous about the wait. Packing hasn't really begun because majority of our stuff is ready to go in storage and everything we have at Mum's we pretty much use. Will be a few intense days before the move no doubt :)

newbuild said...

The heat is on for them to get it ready for you quickly now! Hope it all comes together to be perfect for handover. The house looks lovely - even with the dirt!

Thigee said...

Karla, very happy for you. At least you can see the finish line now. Sorry if I sound silly, but what were the blue dots marking, imperfections with the paint or dents etc. in the wall? Also did you ask for extra tiling around the vanity? The picture you show has the tiling on nearly half of that wall.

Karla said...

Thanks newbuild :)

Thigee, the blue dots are marking general imperfections in the paint i.e. paint runs, marks etc. Occasionally the SS would put some blue tape and write "fix" on it for eg we had a bulging bit of wall in one of the bedrooms and one of the window sills was dented. In the bathroom we increased the tile height from standard to 1200mm. Kind of wish we'd gone full height now however I'm still happy with it.

Thigee said...

Karla, thanks for the clarification, tiling looks good at 1200mm. I still like the combination of the painted walls and tiles.

Karla said...

Thanks Thigee. We had planned on painting the remainder of the bathroom walls in crisp white but the painters did the main house colour. We actually prefer it though so have decided to leave it. Yay for happy accidents :)

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