Saturday, June 25, 2011

The latest

Dropped by the house on the way to picking up my boys from pre-school yesterday and thought I'd have a peek through the windows to see what's happened since our walk through on Wednesday.

Site has been cleaned up

Here's our lovely flyscreens (can flyscreens be lovely?) Only cost $700 to include them which I believe is a little cheaper than doing it afterwards.  

After walking around the perimeter I noticed the French Doors at the front were unlocked....what a shame!  So naturally I popped inside for a little looksy...

And found the showerscreens have been put in!  Yay! 
('scuse dodgy phone pics)

But nooooooo!!!  The shower door in our ensuite is opening the wrong way!!!  It's noted on the drawings and in writing that it's to open the other way (don't want to get all chilly trying to grab a towel now do we?!)  It's all in the detail don't ya know!

No painting as yet however I imagine they're waiting for the gyprock and cornice on the kitchen bulk head but do note our newly installed rangehood...

And that was pretty much it.  I'll be looking forward to my next drive-by on Wednesday!!

1 comment:

Thigee said...

Fantastic, progress is always good. I can hear that jingle of the keys.

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