Saturday, June 4, 2011


Our floor boards are in!  Our floor boards are in!   LOVE is an understatement!

When we originally started choosing our colours, it was hard to know where to start.  Once we decided we wanted these timber laminate floor boards, 'B' had the good idea to choose our floor colours first as the choices were more limited compared to paint, bathroom and kitchen colours.

Slowly, actually not so slowly, we've watched our colours all come together and we've liked what we've seen but it's the floors that have just brought everything together.

The lovely floor contractors (2 of them) started only yesterday morning and were at the house finishing up at 5pm today.  What an amazing effort and the workmanship is just fantastic.  Walking around with the lights on and nearly finished, it really felt like home.

Enough with the gushing, on with the pics!  'Scuse the dust particles!

Standing where future kitchenette will be in Granny flat

Standing over near the French Doors in Granny Flat looking over to bathroom and future kitchenette space

Standing at the front door looking down the hall (off to left is internal door to flat)

Looking into mudroom / laundry

Ta da!  Standing in family room looking toward kitchen

Standing in Dining Room

Non-floor space below is the Living Room and will be carpeted

Study Nook

Rear hall near bedrooms

Playroom / Guest room.  We chose to not carpet this room seeing that it has the french doors going outside and figured it would be more kid friendly.

Bring on the carpet, blinds, shutters, fly-screens, bathroom mirrors, wardrobe & pantry shelving and last few bits & pieces!

Oh and if you're overly attentive, you may have noticed the dodgy tiling behind rangehood has been completely removed, ready to be done properly!!  Woo hoo!


newbuild said...

Floorboards look should be so pleased with how it is coming together - quickly too!

Belinda said...

Begone dodgy tiling!!!

Lovely lovely flooring :) Really excited for you both!!! Not long now!!!

Bel xoxo

cassandscott said...

Karla, it looks fantastic... you have a home!!!! not long now!

Thigee said...

Wow, absolutely fantastic. Love your floors. Hope you started packing!

Shayne said...

Gorgeous!! Gee - not long now at all!!

Yay for the dodgy tiling going ;)

Do you have an idea of a handover date? It will be lovely to have all your flooring etc done before handover. And blinds etc too - I am SO glad we had ours done before we moved in!!

Karla said...

Thanks lovely ladies!

Shayne, still no exact handover date. It's been mentioned we'll do a walk through with the SS, council building inspector and independant inspector in about 2 weeks. Then the SS allows 2 weeks to fix any things pointed out at walk through and then I've been told the final payment from the bank can take 5 - 10 days. Working on mid July roughly. How's everything your end now that you've moved in?!

Jen said...

Absolutely stunning!

Good luck for the last few bits and pieces! :)

Amy said...

Wow looks just gorgeous and very homely and cosy! So close now xoxo

Elbert said...

Hi, been following your blog. Love your ideas. Can u pls let me know what stain is your timber laminate floor boards?

Karla said...

Hi Elbert, the Timber Laminate is UTF Diamond Tuff "Select Teak" from Di Lorenzo :)

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