Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a bad lay!

We were so excited to check out the house yesterday afternoon and as luck would have it the front door hadn't been pulled tightly enough closed so we could have a proper look around!

Started off well enough, the carpet had been installed by Di Lorenzo only that same day and the first room we saw looked pretty good.

Then we walked through to the Living Room and thought it strange to see the indentation and thought perhaps it was the crease where the carpet had been rolled....hmmmm....... (never noticed such a thing when I've had carpet laid on 2 other occasions though...)

But wait, it gets way more dodgy!  Then we walked into our bedroom.  

And if you can't see the sea of ripples above, check out how dodgy it looks against the skirting.  
There are no other words than WTF?!

A lovely little finishing touch!

How about the quality below!  Nothing like not lining up the lines and having a bubble of carpet for no apparent reason.

Seriously!  Could you imagine doing a job like this and thinking it had been done well?  I just don't get it.  

To top it off, the carpet was the only thing to happen so far this week!  I know it will all eventually get there but it feels like it's slowed down to a snails pace again.

Left to do:

1. Tyrell's inspection (might have been done, need to get a copy)
2. Brickwork around the front
3. WIP and WIR shelving
4. Correction of shower door in ensuite 1
5. Door service including fixing the gaps at the base of the French Doors
6. Roof service
7. Tiling in ensuite 1
8. Removing towel rails & replacing the tiles they were attached to in ensuite 1 & bathroom
9. Silicone in bathrooms
10. Touch catches in kitchen
11. Privacy lock in bathroom (missing)
12. Missing wardrobe handles in Rumpus Bedroom
13. Missing shower head in Bathroom
14. Garage step
15. Manhole cover
16. Lighting in bedrooms

Wish us luck!


Thigee said...

OMG, I must say Di Lorenzo is the weakest link in our experience at present. Make sure they rip off those carpets and re lay them. I wouldn't accept it. I thought you were meant to get the keys next week. Your SS better step things up a bit. Maybe, give him a call land ask what the hold up is. Wishing you good luck, Karla!

Karla said...

Thigee, would you believe I just spoke with the SS and he was at the house today and can't see anything wrong with the carpet! I bet he wouldn't accept that workmanship if it was his house though.

It's up in the air about handover next week as it comes down to Stegbar in particular to get back to him re fixing shower door and pantry shelving and apparently they're notoriously hard to get hold of.

newbuild said...

Soo frustrating! Don't accept that quality of workmanship. I really wonder why some people don't take more pride in what they do for a living.I think DiLorenzo only worry about their profit line so probably pay the carpet layers peanuts...and you know how that saying goes!

Jules said...

Sorry to hear about your carpet K. I'm no expert but having read a few other forums looks like you need to request the carpets to be 'power stretched'. In this case it looks like the carpets haven't been stretched at all, not even manual stretch. hope it all gets sorted out quickly. Looking forward to following your progress.

April Robinson said...

Hi Karla,

I agree with everyone else. Get them back and make them re-do it. That's really shoddy work. A good carpet installation shouldn't look like that.


Tonia said...

omg where's the dislike button! Definitely get them to redo it all!

Acquah said...

Hi Karla, sorry to hear about the horrible job they've done! Not sure if you've got the same problem as us but we noticed in two rooms on the edge of the carpet, there were nails sticking up just underneath the carpet!!! This was after I had stepped on one.. ouch. They were all along the edge .. I will definitely be listing this for my 13 week inspection!! Good luck for the rest of your build!

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