Friday, July 1, 2011

Blinds & shutters!

I went to the house this afternoon with great anticipation as I saw the Abbey Blinds & Shutters van at the house this morning.  When I got there I kicked a major goal as I was able to be let in by someone who had a key!!  Yipee!

House was a bit dark and not all rooms have globes / working lights yet and I only had my phone to take pics, so apologies for the quality of the pics but here goes...

We got shutters in each of our bedrooms (more about that here). This is one of the boy's rooms.

Here's our bedroom

From another angle with better light

The photo's don't do them justice, I had a colorbond moment when I walked in the room!  I just LOVE them!! 

In our living areas we chose sheer blinds because generally we just want nice, big, un-obstructed windows during the day to let lots of light in.  The blinds are really there for privacy at night and the sheer fabric enables some light to filter in during the day if needed but you can't see through them at night.

Problem.  They've gone and put block-out blinds throughout.  Sigh...

Not the greatest pic but you get the idea.  Should all be good though, it states "sheer" on the signed quote and at least in the meantime while we wait for their replacement, we'll have some privacy.

The Tyrrell's Inspector also came out today.  I noticed some of his green tape around marking a couple of things we missed.  I'm looking forward to seeing the report next week.

Paint touch ups were meant to happen each day this week however nothing has been done yet.  Has probably worked out for the best though as Tyrrell's have pointed out some extra things anyway.  I think we've also been waiting for the Carpenter to re-fix the skirting (after they were removed to put floor boards down) and make our internal garage step before painting happens.  Our SS indicated they should be there over the weekend.  Hopefully anyway. 

Neeeeeearly there!


Thigee said...

Love your shutters Karla. Going to see our supplier tomorrow to finalise things for our shutters. Probably change my mind again about what I'm going to use on each window. Oh yes, you truly are nearly there.

newbuild said...

I finalised my shutters and blinds today too. Hope mine look as great as yours do!

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