Saturday, July 9, 2011

So close yet still so far

At the beginning of the week, when we thought we may have a final walk through yesterday, I changed my work days around so I would be free to do so.  As Friday rolled around it was becoming rather obvious (to us, not so much the SS) that nothing would be happening but it meant 'B' and I had a rare day when we both had the day off and the kids were at pre-school!

Our SS never made it to the house on Thursday (as he said he would) to check everything was completed nor did he make it out yesterday (as he said he would).  As far as he's concerned he *thinks* the house is finished & ready to handover however if he'd actually gone out on site to keep an eye on things he would have noticed there is still a fair bit to do!

'B' and I naturally dropped by the house and were stoked to find a way in!  We weren't expecting that!  So we took our time and checked everything over - without feeling rushed and now that there is nothing left to go in and in decent natural light!

Here it is all nice & clean.  The floors need another mop but I'll do that when I move in anyway.

Our original list of things left to do still stands - except 4 out of the 5 touch catches in the kitchen have now been fixed (they missed one)...
  1. Clean brickwork (grubby where it's been repointed & a few of the sills have mortar chunks on them)
  2. Fill in some of the gaps between cladding & brickwork at the front
  3. WIP & WIR shelving
  4. Shower door in our ensuite opening wrong way
  5. Fix the tiling in our ensuite and where the towel rail has been removed in main bathroom
  6. Install a shower head in bathroom
  7. Privacy lock in bathroom
  8. Silicone in bathrooms
  9. Touch catches in kitchen
  10. Garage step
  11. Manhole cover
  12. Light & fan in our bedroom isn't working
  13. Roof service (cracked tiles)
  14. Door service (they make sure the bi-fold tracks are cleaned and fix any scratches etc)
  15. Fix dented window frame
In addition to this list, we picked up some extra things yesterday:

Paint splatters all over timber flooring

The scotia was removed when the oven was installed and never put back

The carpet in our bedroom still looks rubbish and needs to be pulled tighter

And now that we've finally been able to see the carpet in decent natural light, we've noticed the join in the carpet that looks terrible!

There's big gaps in some of the grout around the bath tub and none of the excess grout has been cleaned off tiles or floor (can see it better now that it's been "cleaned")

I don't even know how we never noticed this little gem of tile work before.  Can you see how it slopes up at the end?!  It's on top of our bath hob.

Our kitchen splashback still has excess grout all over the tiles and there is paint all over the metal ends

And ummm are the windows meant to do this and completely lift out?!  Not all do it but a few do.

Had everything been actually completed and cleaned before our PCI, we would have picked up most of these additional issues at PCI.  Lesson learned.

So, aside from feeling like a picky whinger the house on the whole is looking great and oh so ready to move into.  It's getting frustrating knowing how close we are yet how many trades still need to be coordinated to finish it off to a satisfactory level.

We're also getting tired fast of feeling like a nuisance each time we try & get in contact with our SS!   

I haven't even pointed out some of the additional paint touch ups that need to be done as we're just going to do it ourselves later.

Hopefully, we'll have some kind of result next week!


Shayne said...


So close...

Must admit our floor tiles still have grout and some paint on them - they do a pretty average clean and I havent had the energy (or inclination!) to scrub the floors yet with the heavy duty stuff I got from Di Lorenzo - because then i have to seal them and I cant be bothered just yet ;p

Hope this week brings some good news - and lots of action.

gayle said...

Nope, be a picky whinger all you can Karla. Your house is absolutely gorgeous but those little things that annoy you now grow from molehills to mountains as you will see them every single day! Trust me, wish we had've been a little stronger and even if it kills you that you're out of your house for a week / few weeks longer, in the end you'll be so glad you did xx

newbuild said...

Being patient as close as you are to the end must be painful! But like the others said stick to your guns and have everything done properly. House looks beautiful!

Thigee said...

Wish we were at your stage Karla. When did they install your stove etc?

JULES said...

it's looking more and more like a cosy comfy home now with those appliances in! It sure does suk about all those little little things which mean sooooo much much to us home owners, but so little to the builders/SS. Its our job to whinge and whine and complain until it is done and completed the way it is supposed to be done - properly and with just a little TLC! Don't worry we are all in the same boat - you are not being unreasonable at all!

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