Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're *this* close!

Yep, the title says it all!  It's nearly alllll ours!

We dropped by the house this afternoon and the cleaners were there and kindly let us have a quick look around!  Yesss!

The painters have been back and done all their little touch ups and repairs.

Here's the front of the house with the cladding painted in the correct colour - woollooware 

Much nicer than the icky grey it had been accidentally painted

Here's one of my boy's feature walls - Bristol Reservoir 

And here's my other son's feature wall - Bristol Regatta.  Loving both of them, nice splash of colour.

The towel rails have been removed and the correct one has been installed in the granny flat.

Some minor electrical's have been done such as fixing some of the bedroom lights.

Also, the carpet looks much better!  Someone has clearly been in to fix a couple of things and pulled it tighter because some of the random lumpy bits are gone and it is nice & straight against the skirting in our room!  Very happy about this as I thought we'd have to raise it at the final sign off.

Left to do...
  1. Clean some of the brickwork around the front & on porch
  2. Fill in some of the gaps between cladding & brickwork at the front
  3. WIP & WIR shelving
  4. Shower door in our ensuite 
  5. Fix the tiling in our ensuite and where the towel rail has been removed in main bathroom
  6. Install a shower head in bathroom
  7. Privacy lock in bathroom
  8. Silicone in bathrooms
  9. Touch catches in kitchen
  10. Garage step
  11. Manhole cover
  12. Light & fan in our bedroom isn't working
  13. Roof service
  14. Door service
  15. Fix dented window frame

Gee, so much has happened this week I'm kind of surprised there's so many things left to do!  Mainly small things though apart from the tiling.

Don't think we're quite ready for the final walk through this Friday as SS had hoped for but I'm not worried, we're only a matter of days off now....


Thigee said...

Exciting stuff! It all looks so nice as well. Very good finish.

Tonia said...

Wow how exciting! Not long at all Karla!! :) You must be over the moon!!

Shayne said...

Fab!! Exciting times :) Cant wait to see finished pics :)

gayle said...

AWESOME! :D How exciting!!!! Not long now at all. A (not-so-nice) heads up for you too - if you have external fittings (like fly screens for example), just keep an eye on them until handover: people love to steal these for their own homes, especially after the temp fencing goes down when they're cleaning up the site. All good - if anything happens to them before handover, the builders pay for it, but better to realise it at the time than to try and prove it after handover hey??! So happy for you Karla! How fantastic is it going to feel to finally have those keys in your hands??!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful Karla. You guys have done an amazing job! Ingelise

Karla said...

Thanks ladies!

Gayle, thanks for the reminder! The site fence has been down for a couple of weeks now so I'm a bit concerned about things like that but it would have been easy to over look flyscreens. Will definitely check before collecting the keys!!

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