Friday, June 10, 2011

Almost there....

We did a drive by this morning in the hope of seeing a finished house peeking through the windows and seeing some carpet down but we found a window unlocked.... Happy days!!

Last Friday it was mentioned that we'd most likely be having a walk through in another week from now so naturally I expected a fair bit of activity to have happened over the last week.  Especially based on past speediness.

Seeing that the wooden floors finished last weekend, I had thought the carpet would now be in as well as the shower screens that have been sitting there for a week.  Some paint corrections maybe?  Not so.

Wasn't a complete downer though.  They've put most of the door handles on, finished the electrical, done the wardrobe / pantry fit-outs, bathroom mirrors are up and kitchen splash-back has been re-tiled (5th time lucky eh?!)

Can I have a hallelujah?!

Bit of door hardware (they've missed the privacy lock on the main bathroom door though)

Basic wardrobe fit-out (actually it's an upgrade from the standard wire shelving but it's just a shelf and hanging rail, nothing too exciting)

WIP fit-out - The microwave will go on one of these shelves

Other side of WIP.  There are meant to be 5 shelves and the shelving is meant to also be on the right wall.

Powerpoint in the island bench. Had to go here as it couldn't go on the side where the dishwasher is or where the cutlery drawers are.

One verrrry excited little boy in his new bedroom!  I love how he doesn't even reach the bottom of the window sill yet!

Bathroom mirrors in and shower screens still waiting to be installed

Oh and my personal favourite..... the towel rails that have been installed that we requested not to have put in.  I even sent an email reminder to our SS 10 days beforehand so that this didn't happen.  We are putting in heated towel ladders after hand over.  Now they'll have to replace tiles in the main bathroom and our ensuite.  Oh and they've been sure not to put one in the Granny Flat which is the only bathroom they were meant to.  How much freaken easier can you make it for them not to stuff up?

Anyone else notice something wrong with this picture?!  We figure the plumbers in the bathroom on the other side of the wall got a bit excited and this is the result!

If you can get past the terrible clashiness (yes I just made up a word) of the different wood colours, can you see the gap at the end of the door sill / jamb / thingy?  Looks a bit un-finished, don't you think?

Hard to see but it's the same at the other end.  By the way, in real life the colours all blend in much nicer than shown here...

Anyone know what this is?  It's just above the internal door from garage.  It's not an alarm sensor as they look completely different in other areas of the house.  It's not the door bell as that's in another spot and it's not a smoke alarm.  It's also not mentioned on electrical plan.  Just curious really....

So there you have it... we're almost there!!


Shayne said...

I think the thing in the last pic is the siren for the alarm? At least thats what I am assuming the same thing in our house is!

Looking good! Had to laugh at your towel rail troubles - we don't have any yet - STILL!!! Seems towel rails are hard work all around huh??

Karla said...

Ah, that's probably it Shayne! Thanks.

As for towel rails....want mine? lol

Thigee said...

You most certainly are almost there Karla. You might be in by the end of the month. Doesn't seem to be much left to do at your place. We are hoping ours is ready for us to move by the end of July.

Tonia said...

So if you guys are all moving in soon when will I be moving in???? Helloooo is there anybody thereee??? lol

Looking great Karla..nearly there!!

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