Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paint (part 3) and so much more!

The Eden Brae tradies have been busy over the past week and our painting is all but finished now!  In fact as far as the painters are concerned, they are finished however they've painted the bathroom walls the wrong colour (notified SS last week but nothing was corrected!) and they haven't done the feature walls in the boy's bedrooms.

First thing we noticed this afternoon was that our lovely timber doors have had a coat of lacquer & the portico ceiling and lintels have been painted in surfmist.

Close up of walnut stain & clear lacquer

Eaves have been painted in surfmist

Down-pipes and meter box have been painted in Jasper

Cladding has finally been painted in Wooloware Woodlands Grey....what on earth?!  'B' is holding up the colour sample it was meant to be painted in.  Just a tad different!  Oops!

The tin of paint that dobbed...

Next we moved inside and saw that all the main painting has been finished and we LOVE it!!!  It's exactly the colour I was hoping for.  I love the warmth of it and the contrast to the Elusive White trims / doors without being too yellow / creamy.

Here's quite an accurate idea of the colour

Bedroom in granny flat

The painting wasn't the only happy surprise in the house!!  All of our air-conditioning ducts are now in, power-points are in, light switches on the walls and the plumbing has been done and is working!  We thought electrical & plumbing would be a week away.

Living Room in main part of the house - you can't really see but there's some TV points on the wall

Family Room - notice the light and air-con duct! 
(look at our swamp of a back-yard!)

Hello lovely!  We got the slightly bigger bath - 1700mm instead of 1500mm, mainly to fill the long bath hob.

Funnily enough, I don't mind the wrong paint colour in the bathroom as it matches well with the other colours (more so in real life) but it does draw attention the the 1200mm high wall tiles.  Wishing we went all the way up.  Oh well, once the correct white paint is on, shouldn't be so obvious.

Taps are in, we stuck with the standard range because we liked the look of them and I'm only 5 foot short tall so I like a shower head I can adjust.  

Just a note for anyone reading this still in the designing stage - get bigger shower niches.  The standard ones are 22cm high which doesn't fit any of the larger bottles of body wash, shampoo etc.  Still though, if that's our biggest regret....

Main bathroom vanity.  We upgraded to the next sink up in the range which I think was only an increase of $7.  Wish we could have gone extra spesh with the sink but the money fairy had long taken off by the time it came to choose bathroom upgrades.  Bitch.

And here we have our ensuite

Our hopefully still un-used toilet ;)

Our skylight & exhaust fan / heat lamps

Here's the granny flat bathroom, basically the same as our ensuite

This is the washer / dryer alcove with plumbing capped in the wall

Alarm pad & sensors are in

Plumbing in fridge space - bit of patching required

One of the boy's rooms.  We got ceiling fans in each of the bedrooms.  I'm not digging the fans at all though :(  They look cheap and yet cost $305 EACH!  Sob!

And here's one in all it's ugly-light-fitting-on-glory.

Took a pic of a discarded box hoping they got the model wrong.  Nope.  Oh well, will see if they can leave behind the caps and put down lights in instead.  Should make it look better.

Hmmm dented window frame

Our Dorf Veggie Sprayer tap is in

And lastly, a massive bone of contention with 'B'..... The Splash Back.........

Started off like this (they forgot to do behind the rangehood)

Then the tiler came back and did a lovely job but tiled around the rangehood (and as mentioned in a previous post, 'B' wants it tiled behind the rangeood in case we ever have to replace it and can't get the same profile, we don't have to worry).

Then 'B' went back on Monday night and noticed the tiler had been back and taken the rangehood down this time, only to do some make-do tiling thinking the rangehood would go on and it would never be noticed

And then we have today's efforts by the tiler (yet to be grouted).  It's more straight but some bits stick out more than others and there's still some dodgy looking make-do tiling going on.

See what I mean?

So there you have the latest!  All that's left now is:

  • Shower screens
  • Floors
  • Toilet roll holders / towel rails
  • Step in the garage (wondering if they've missed it?)
  • Fix some of the paint
  • Internal door hardware
  • WIP / Robe / linen cupboard shelving
  • Remaining couple of electrical bits & pieces 
  • Blinds & Shutters 

So close now!


Thigee said...

Karla you truly are soooo close and it all looks fantastic. Happy for you!

Tonia said...

OMG have you started packing yet? You will be moving in by the end of next week at this rate! lol :) Congrats!!!

Karla said...

I know Tonia! We're trying to get a hold of SS to see if he has any dates in mind so we can organise time off work!

Belinda said...

Whhoohoooo how great does everything look. What's with those wonky tiles!....when I read your post I thought, doesn't look that bad.....then I saw the close up *shock*

Yes pack away!!!

cassandscott said...

Looks Fantastic.... I am so pleased your build process is going so well. I love all of your colour choices. Your paint colours look great. What colours are you painting the boys feature walls? Also you paint mishap still looks great!

Karla said...

Thanks ladies!!

Cass, feature walls will be Bristol Reservoir and Bristol Regatta (both blues). I was going to go with green in one of them but couldn't settle on the right shade.

Jen said...

Ooohhh!!! I can't wait for the fiddly bits!

Your house is looking gorgeous!

I hope those splashback tiles are sorted out to your liking, that would be intolerably irritating!

Good luck and start packing! :)

When is/was your expected completion?

newbuild said...

Wow, it does look lovely. Must be so exciting getting so close!

Shayne said...

Looking great - so close now!! LOL at your comment about the hopefully unused toilet!! And that bitch of a money fairy! How rude!

Looking forward to seeing it all finished!

Karla said...

Jen, expected completion was set for 30th August!!!! And I was mentally prepared for a month or so after that! So this has all been a fantastic surprise.

Shayne, haha glad someone got a giggle out of that!

Amy said...

Wow!! You are so close now:)

Love the paint colours. Hope all the little things get sorted nice and quickly!


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