Thursday, September 1, 2011

What scratches?

I love our dining table.  We bought it about 5 years ago from Oz Design but my god it scratches easily!  You know it's bad when even your placemats scratch it!

I'm not really into table cloths and having 2 young'ns around I realised I could either:

a) pretend I don't notice the scratches or
b) develop a nervous tic or
c) buy some glass to protect the top

I'm no good at pretending, wasn't really keen for a nervous tic so I went with option 3 and called Matra Glass who whipped me up a 6mm thick, Starphire glass top.  The edges have been polished and the corners mitred (slightly rounded but hardly noticeable) so they're not sharp at all.

We went with starphire glass which cost $100 extra but is a clear colour instead of having the greenish tinge that normal glass has.  Oh and it was recommended to just go with standard glass, not toughened glass for a table top like this because if something is banged down hard on toughened glass it will shatter where as normal glass might get a chip.


April and Allan said...

what a great idea!! love your dining room lights :-)

Cass said...

Looks fantastic. How do you secure it so it does not slip around. Also would you be able to remove it down the track and not leave any marks on the table??

Karla said...

Thanks :) It weighs about 25kg and the weight alone holds it in place. It doesn't slip around and it can be just lifted off if you don't want it anymore (with no marks).

F Serafin said...

Looks great and very clever idea:)

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