Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And then there was grass...

The backyard is really starting to take shape now!!

Since my last post we have continued the merbau up the retaining wall on the bottom level to give it more of a finished look and we're so glad we did.

Much nicer than before!

Ready made bench seating all the way round or as the boys see it, a ready made road for their cars!

Our new outdoor setting looking all sorts of awesome in it's new home

But of course before there was turf, there was turf underlay and a whole lotta levelling going on.

And here is Sir Walter himself!  Doesn't look like much does it?

Daddy's little helpers!  Bless.

Love being able to see the whole backyard from inside

So, what's left for out the back?  We're letting the merbau sit for about 4 weeks before we sand and oil it.  Apparently this lets the excess tannins bleed and stabalise (or is 'B' just feeding me a line to have a break haha).  The remainder of the treated pine retaining walls need to be stained to blend in a little more. Some plants are desperately needed and then some nice outdoor lighting and that should just about do it! Oh, don't forget the BBQ!  Need one of those too, we ditched the old I've-seen-better-days one when we moved.

I must add that for all the "we's" going on in this post, it's actually all been 'B' and my Dad.  Thanks guys for working so tirelessly to create such a beautiful space xxx


Thigee said...

Karla looks great, congratulations to the two guys.

Shayne said...

Looking fantastic Karla! I'm jealous :) Our grass and deck are a mere few weeks away now, according to our landscaper (and a WHOLE lotta cash!) and I am dying to be able to go outside, and to not have dust blow in from all directions, and most of all, for our son to be able to play in the yard!
He would love the ready made car track too!!

Cass said...

Karla I love your timber it looks fantastic and your back yard is super level. You must be very very pleased with the outcome... I think your home is stunning!!!!!!!

Mullos said...

Looking very good. Really like the wood/grass finish :)

Karla said...

Thanks everyone!

Shayne, there is definitely less dust around now, that's for sure!! I can't wait to see your finished result, I bet it's going to be amazing!

Unfortunately there won't be much more done now until we can save some more $$$ but at least it's functional now.

Debra said...

Fantastic job guys....TG for Dad's eh!...we've helped number two son build/landscape his house and of course he returns the favour.

Love the deck; in particular continuing up the retaining wall. We've just finished our front entrance deck and soon to begin the back with a 2.4 privacy wall and planter've given us inspiration to clad with the merbau instead of brick/render.

Again looks fantastic; I shall keep an eye on progress.

Many years of happiness with your gorgeous little boys and beautiful new home.

I too had two boys now 34 and 32! happens in a blink.

Ricky Hobbs said...

Karla, the merbau decking on the retaining wall looks amazing.

I'd love to know what you did to support the top boards between the the retaining posts?
How far apart are the posts spaced, and 2 years later do you find that the boards on the vertical face are sagging at all?

The place is looking great.

Appreciate your input,

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