Monday, September 19, 2011

Bringing the outside in

We have some French Doors on the boy's playroom that open up to the backyard.  Love. Them.

They are reasonably recessed though so when they open, they don't sit flush with the wall.  That is until 'B' fit them with some broadbutt hinges (bought from here)!  Now check out these babies!

Get a load of the broadbutt hinge on the right compared to the original hinges on the left!

Took a bit of tweaking to fit them on!  

They stick out a little

But they don't detract from over all look and they're well worth it for the function they provide!

Lastly, we put these little magnetic catches on to stop the doors crashing into the bricks

and here's the stopper screwed into the deck

So there you go, for $104 we have doors that can now open right up and not get in the way of little one's running inside and out.

* And if you're really observant, you may have noticed a bit of extra decking and greenery in one of the pics....backyard update coming soon *

1 comment:

April and Allan said...

Love those doors - what a great room!!

spied the deck & the grass - looking forward to an update :)

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