Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's all coming together - A back yard update!

Remember the pit of misery our backyard when we first moved in?

Well now it's looking a little more like this...

'B' has outdone himself putting up 8 billion all the retaining walls!

Backyard came complete with 2 superheroes.  We decided to keep them.

Now that the decking is down, the alfresco looks so much larger.

'B' was stoked to have Dad's amazing carpentry skills on hand when it came to this area.

Main deck with pathway to deck outside the playroom.  Garden of some description will be going in under the window to the right.

Looking back towards main deck.  We extended the length of deck by 1.8m and a BBQ will be built into the section straight ahead at the end.

Outside the playroom.  Will put a nice feature pot & plant in corner.

Looking a bit messy but we've been letting this area settle before putting some good quality soil & turf down.  It's settled quite a lot, so we're glad we did wait.  

So the plan from here is to sand & oil the merbau timber, stain the retaining walls, lay the turf and plant some kind of a garden (feeling a bit lost in this area - any advice would be definitely appreciated!)  We'll most likely line the bottom retaining walls with merbau too as they're looking shabby right up next to the nice timber.

I'll leave you with an action shot!  This was at the very beginning when Dad & 'B' were realising exactly how hard merbau is and many a screw had been snapped.

Oh and apparently it's not funny to comment the deck is feeling a bit springy (it wasn't).  'B' just rolled his eyes and groaned (apparently I'm predictable. Pffft) while poor ol' Dad looked momentarily horrified. Hahaha gave me a good chuckle anyway.


kdgirl said...

Wow, what a difference the decking makes, the stairs and seating make a great use out of the retaining wall too! You are going to have a great summer in the backyard!

Thigee said...

Looking lovely, Karla. So much of hard work went into that I bet.

Anette Ryan said...

Love your decking. Great entertaining area you have now. You got me inspired to think about my garden and decking. Need to get the drawings out.
Anette :-)

April and Allan said...

wow!!! you guys have been so busy :) it must be great to have your deck all ready for beautiful sunny afternoons and weekends! can't wait till we have done ours and hoping it looks as good as yours :)

Bel and Phil said...

Looks amazing and I'm sure that the superheroes are loving it too. Can we hire your dad and hubby? I have a couple of decks that will need doing after Christmas :)

I'm sure that you are loving living in your new house. I can't wait.

Shayne said...

Looking amazing Karla! Lucky you having a handy hubby and Dad - good money saver there ;)

Cant wait to see more progress pics as time goes on!

Karla said...

Thanks everyone! I can't take any credit for the backyard but Dad & 'B' have been working tirelessly. May just have to hire them out :)

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