Saturday, October 15, 2011


My favourite blog is Enjoying the Small Things.  Every post, without fail, makes me smile.  Kelle's photo's of her beautiful family and her love of living in the moment is so inspirational.

I'm writing today to spread the word of support for little Nella.  This beautiful little one was born with one extra chromosome.

Kelle is trying to raise $200,000 in support of Down Syndrome and so far she has $115,026!

I dare you to read the blog.  Double dare ya!  You'll fall in love with the Hamptons without a doubt.

And now, in Kelle's own words....

On October 22, we will be joining with friends and family to walk in our second Buddy Walk, supporting the thousands of individuals with Down syndrome and their families. This walk is personal to us for we were welcomed to this new world when our second daughter, Nella Cordelia, joined our family in January 2010 and brought with her some unexpected magic...that little extra 47th chromosome. What began as a shock ripple-waved into something more beautiful as the opportunity to learn more about life and happiness unraveled for our family and many more. We are learning more every day, and through Nella and many others we have come to know, we've discovered a new world of acceptance and opportunity for individuals with Down syndrome.

What do we want for Nella? We want the same things any parent wants. We want our daughter to be recognized for her abilities, to be granted opportunities to reach her dreams, and to be accepted for the amazing little girl she is. The National Down Syndrome Society helps our family and thousands of others in the challenge to spread knowledge and awareness, to show the world that we are more alike than we are different, and to create opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome and their families to live their best life possible. 

Special thanks to all of the generous donors who contributed to Nella’s ONEder Fund earlier this year. Your collective contribution has helped us to set our greater goal of $200,000 by the time Nella turns 2. Please help us this month as we continue to make efforts to reach our goal. In turn, you are helping thousands of others reach theirs. 

The National Down Syndrome Society works to create a culture that fully accepts and includes the more than 400,000 Americans with Down syndrome. As the national advocate for people with Down syndrome, their goal is to ensure that individuals with Down syndrome are full participating members of our communities. 

We are happy to join NDSS as advocates for people with Down syndrome. We invite you to join us as one of Nella’s Rockstars by making a donation to NDSS and making a difference for people with Down syndrome. Your tax-deductible donation will help support the vision of a world in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life and realize their life aspirations.

Every dollar helps, you can donate here!

Spread the word!!

* permission was given to post Nella's photos *

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