Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bit by bit it's getting there

Haven't had much to update lately - boo - (not for lack of wanting) however there's been a bit of activity over the last week or so!

I last left off showing the finished deck out the back.  'B' has now given it a sand, a wash down and oiled it - and wasn't that a job and a half!  Would have been easier & quicker to hire a floor sander but 'B' was happy to do it to save a few $$$.

Here it is in it's pre-oiled glory

"What's taking you so long?" I'd shout through the glass intermittently when walking past...
(kidding haha)

But I'm jumping ahead of myself.  First he built up the BBQ area and hooked up our barbie to natural gas.

 Here's the deck all sanded and freshly scrubbed.

And here it is after 3 coats of oil!

All the rain we've had lately has really helped to establish our lawn.  So nice seeing something green outside!

Turn away now if you're a BBQ snob because this little beauty only cost $148 on sale from $380 at Bunnings!!

Cannot wait to get some plants in!!!


Debra said...

Great job sanding 'B' and nice pickup on the BBQ.
Happy planting.

Shayne said...

Looking good Karla!

I have the dubious honour of oiling or staining our deck in the next few weeks - NOT looking forward to it!!

Having plants and grass has seriously changed our lives - our son is ALWAYS outside now, and it finally feels like we are not living on a building site anymore!

Karla said...

Thanks Debra :)

Shayne, I don't envy you but the results are instant and oh so worth it, at least. You'll need to do an update with all your landscaping! Hope all is well.

Chelle said...

Hubby did a wonderful job and have to love a bargain on the BBQ!

Jen said...

Looking fabulous!

You've actually inspired us to do some timber retaining walls in our backyard.. :)

Love it!

Bel and Phil said...

This looks fantastic. I'm sure that this is where a lot of time will be spent this summer. Looking fabulous x

the chick said...

What plants are you thinking? We're currently in the process of working out the design of our landscaping & i'm finding plants the hardest deciding factor.

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