Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cheeky Monkey

Three cheers for our parcel delivery person who finally realised our address exists today!!!

After 3 parcels were returned to sender courtesy of said delivery person, today we got a nice surprise left on our door step.

Removable wall decals from etsy for my 2 year old son's bedroom.  They're quite fitting seeing that he's a cheeky 'lil monkey himself.

Took me a while to choose something for his room as I didn't want anything too baby-ish or big boy-ish.  Hopefully they'll see him through the next few years until he forms an opinion of his own and decides they're naff!

If you're wondering what little creature lives in the aquarium above, it's Lulabelle, Ryan's spiny leaf insect... She's very cool!

They didn't half take a while to put up but we all love the finished result.


Spunkerella Pettiskirt said...

So cool and so much fun.... and love your lil pet what a cutie!

Thigee said...

Looks great Karla

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