Monday, August 8, 2011

What I got up to over the weekend!

I made a Kid's Art Gallery!  Ta da!! 

Well technically, I just hung the frames and the kids took care of the "art".  It only cost $29.30 too thanks to the colourful Ikea frames!

It's positioned between each of the boy's bedrooms in the hallway and it makes us all smile when we see it.  Especially Mini Picasso and Tiny Van Gogh.

Here's how I did it... 

I worked out what pattern I wanted the frames in on the floor.  I tried a few different ways but soon realised I prefer a more orderly pattern / shape. 

Then I cut out the shapes of each frame & put them on the wall.

I had already measured and drawn a spot on each paper so I knew where to put the hook.

Then I hung the frames up & pulled the paper down from behind.

And lastly I filled the frames with masterpieces.  I used a little blu-tak on the bottom of each frame at the back to keep them from going crooked.

And here's the photo I've had in my "inspiration" folder for aaaaages and from which  I drew my inspiration from.... Unfortunately I don't recall whose photo it is.



April and Allan said...

Wow Karla, everything is looking fantastic!!!
Congratulations on moving in, hope you are enjoying your gorgeous home :) Love the kids art wall!

Shayne said...

Looks fab! I bet the kids love seeing their art work on display too :)

Tonia said...

That is so creative! Looks really cute :)

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