Wednesday, August 3, 2011


For 13 and a half months or 412 days if you will, my wonderful Mum, Jan and her fantastic hubby, Warwick kindly let us live with them while all this house designing and building caper was going on.

They live on a gorgeous property in the Southern Highlands and as exciting as it is to have finally moved into our new home, we will really miss their company and the peace & quiet and greenery of the Countryside.  It has been so great living close to my Mum again and my boys have absolutely adored having their Nanna on tap. So much so they were not that keen to move out!  Oh and I shouldn't forget the alpacas out the back - my boys just loved, not so much lol.

We won't miss the thousands of extra kilometers we've both clocked up in travelling to our usual work places and the boy's pre-school but even that has been a small sacrafice to be afforded such generosity.

So kudos to you Mum and Waz!  If it weren't for you both we could never have done any of this.

PS Sorry I haven't put any pics of the house up yet!  I've had no internet connection at home but everything is falling into place and looking great (if I do say so myself) Ha ha.  Hope to share some pics soon.

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Shayne said...

Oh wow - I didn't realise you were living in the Southern Highlands though the crazy process!

And I whinged about a 40 min drive to sire when I wanted to stick beak!!

Glad to hear its all going well for you, looking forward to pics soon!!

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